Integrated Heaters

Advanced filtration with precise temperature control allows for undisrupted beauty in your aquarium.

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Advanced Filtration

OASE is the leader in advanced filtration.  Bring this technology into your home aquarium!

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The most advanced filtration for your aquarium can be found in the BioMaster filters.

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Water Movement

Water movement and circulation is very important for a healthy aquarium and can easily be achieved with an aquarium pump.

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Aquarium Accessories

Keep your aquarium healthy and beautiful with OASE's large variety of aquarium accessories.

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Featured Product - BioMaster

For the highest filtration demands, use a BioMaster aquarium filter.  With four stage filtration and specifically designed with sealed filtration pathways, this filter is sure to impress.

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Featured Product - BioPlus

Internal aquarium filters can be discrete and effective with the BioPlus internal corner aquarium filter.  With three stage filtration, this filter is both effective and provides healthy water movement with the integrated diffuser. 

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German Technology

We only provide the latest in German technology and innovation in all our products. You can expect high performance, durability, and reliability with every OASE item you purchase. 

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