Indoor Aquatics Products

Indoor Aquatics Products Welcome to the World of OASE

Since 1949, the OASE brand has been passionate about water with a reputation for innovation and quality.  The OASE Indoor Aquatics line harnesses the years of water gardening technology into compelling innovations that translates in a breadth of versatile products suitable for novice to experience aquarists.  Water is our passion.  Water is life.  OASE is Living Water.

Aquarium Filters and UVC

A functioning filter is not only crucial for the water quality of the aquarium, but it also ensures the survival of the inhabitants.  Filters maintain a balanced ecosystem, generate current, absorb turbid substances, and enrich the water with oxygen. The filters clean the water by utilizing mechanical and biological filtration.  Mechanical filtration removes suspended matter and coarse dirt particles, such as feeding residues, plant parts, and animal waste.  Biological filtration converts or removes bacteria as micro-organisms settled in the filter feed on organic matter.  Learn More >>

Aquarium Pumps

Healthy animals and plants are essential for every aquarium and they offer the best prerequisite for full enjoyment of an aquatic habitat.  Good water quality with constant water movement ensures that your small aquatic habitat remains healthy and attractive.  Learn More >>

Aquarium Accessories

Find all the other tools to make your aquarium a healthy and attractive feature in your home.  Learn More >>