Water Gardens

Having your own pond in the garden offers much more than just a pleasant view. It is an oasis of relaxation that relieves the stress of daily life.With our products an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity is created around this domestic »holiday spot«. A place where you can relax by yourself, or a place where you can experience the pure joy of nature with your family and friends.

Together with our trade partners we offer a complete, all-round package so that every garden enthusiast can design this oasis in accordance with his own desires and ideas. With professional consulting, detailed planning and, naturally, with our extensive product line that is every bit as individual as the personal enjoyment of water.

Garden ponds with watercourses and fountains, expansive water landscapes, ponds with fish, spring systems, or generous swimming ponds for a dip in the refreshing wet element. Gardens are like people: No two are alike.

The uniqueness of our product concepts is evident in the perfect interplay of all components. We want our customers to be able to devote every minute of their leisure time to the beautiful things in life. Consequently we develop products that are reliable, durable, and simple to handle, so that the satisfaction of the garden pond as a health resort, remains unclouded for a long time.

Fountain Technology

Water effects have been an extremely popular element of garden art for centuries. Today, as well, it would be surprising to find someone who could resist the fascinating effect of rhythmic pulsing spray fountains, artificial cascades, water spouts, and fountains.

OASE Fountain Technology offers many possibilities to combine a wide variety of water effects in one system that can be appealingly staged with light and music effects. Thanks to our extensive know-how there really are no limits imposed on creativity.

Whether single fountains, or extensive installations up to 150 metres in height, in classic or modern form, whether artist fountain or complete system solutions with minimal installation requirements: We develop everything precisely in accordance with the ideas of our customers and through this collaborative process we create impressive water effects, using first class technology and custom-tailored design.

With artistically designed fountains we create a unique atmosphere through the interplay of art object, moving water, and lighting. A very special visual experience that we make possible not only in public areas but also indoors as well.

Major projects, such as »Magie de l’énergie« on the Expo grounds in Switzerland, the 141 metre floating fountain in Bahrain, or the world's largest floating water organ on the Neva in St. Petersburg. We develop the technical components, as well as the design and creative concepts, e.g. for impressive »Musical Fountains« like the »Monas« installation in Jakarta, in our Competence Centres in Germany and Singapore.

Lake Management

In the Lake Management segment we are dedicated to water quality in artificial bodies of water, such as those found on golf courses or in parks. However, golf course operators are not the only ones who are pleased with our offering in the Lake Management segment. Anyone who places importance on intact pond ecology for medium to large garden, park, or landscape projects can rely on our innovative product solutions and simple installation of the appropriate pond system based on the plug and play principle.

In addition, there are a number of products that not only can be integrated naturally in the respective pond landscape, but that also pay for themselves in the short to medium term thanks to relatively low energy costs.

Depending on the pond system a wide variety of products can be implemented individually or in combination. These are products that aerate the pond with oxygen, UVC products that eliminate algae, floating fountain aggregates, filters that improve water quality, as well as skimmers that clean the pond surface. As a matter of principle we do not use any chemicals in these processes; we only use bacteria in order to positively influence pond ecology.

Years of experience in the »Water Gardens« and »Fountain Technology« segments, and expert knowledge gained from partnerships with garden landscape architects make a significant contribution in guaranteeing absolutely reliable »Lake Management«. Moreover our after-salesservice organisation ensures that our customers also receive first-class advice and outstanding care after the installation.