Eco-Leaf Technology

Eco-Leaf Technology Inspired by Nature

OASE products stand for fascination and satisfaction of a successful water garden. This satisfaction is increased with the feeling of knowing that you are using an energy efficient product.

When you use energy efficient products, you not only help the environment, you also enjoy the tangible benefit of saving money. The OASE Eco-leaf products offer an outstanding energy balance that helps you and the environment.

If environmentally conscious and sustainable behavior is as natural for you as it is for us, look for the Eco-Leaf logo and save!

Product Examples

Modern LED technology, such as we use in the LunAqua range offers versatile color combinations, extremely low energy consumption and a long service life. The compact design of our products promotes conservation of raw materials - without compromising performance.

The increasing use of electronics helps make our pumps even more efficient. Thus the AquaMax range is as much as 40% more efficient than the previous models thanks to advances in our asynchronous engineering.

In addition the AquaOxy technology is characterized not only by higher energy efficiency, it also improves the water quality of bodies of water through the introduction of oxygen.

The proven BioTec 18000 & 36000 in turn dispenses with any harmful substances, through automatic debris separation . This makes storage and transport particularly easy and thus cost-effective. By removing harmful substances (chemicals and organic debris), this affords for less overall toxicity in the pond system making it easier to filter over time, thus, saving energy.

You can count on us! OASE continuously works on designing all processes and production procedures to be as environmentally compatible as possible. Simultaneously OASE continues to stand unchanged to insure the highest level of reliability. Our solutions are not only innovative, they are also incredibly long-lasting.