Passionate about water

Founded originally in 1949 as a repair shop for agricultural machines, OASE has become the global leader of the creative water industry. Our work has built a reputation of excellence by creating the most beautiful and durable products in the market. Our unmatched knowledge and expertise has built high quality products that redefine the needs of the water gardening and lake management markets.

From mechanical/electric engineering to water biology and more, our specialists cover all types of water technology. We proudly invest a lot of time and energy into research and development to continue engineering high-quality products. Our variety of products, from the START line for beginners to our PRO line for advanced enthusiasts, all include the German technology and innovation we have built our strong reputation on.

With decades in the industry, we have witnessed the grace and elegance water beckons in any environment. This is why we feel an obligation to preserve water’s charm. We have designed products with an eco-conscious focus that prioritizes the preservation of water’s beauty. We strive to enhance water’s natural flowing beauty, or as we say, LIVING water. Living water is what OASE believes in and what we have the honor of sharing with you.



1949 – OASE was founded as an agricultural repair workshop

1960 – The first OASE agricultural pumps were developed                

1966 – The first OASE fountain was created                               

1991 – OASE lands its first expansion into Belgium   

1993 – OASE expands business to France and Great Britain        

1994 – OASE expands into the United States market        

2000 – OASE expands to Asia with first office in Singapore

2001 – OASE moved into the Eastern European market       

2004 – The Center for Design is founded in Singapore        

2005 – The OASE Production plant is founded in Taicang, China        

2006 – The OASE Living Water brand is relaunched with a new strategy       

2007 – OASE expands to Turkey and China                                    

2008 – OASE Middle East opens in Dubai                  

2009 – OASE Innovation Center opens in Hörstel              

2011 – New Investor Equistone PE supports growth strategy               

2013 – Acquisition of Eden S.r.l., Italy                                     

2014 – Acquisition of Geo Global Partners, USA            

2016 – Acquisition of biOrb, UK