Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Nature & pond technology in perfect harmony

Even before the first prototype is produced, our engineers are already working on product optimizations. Prior to series production, our products are evaluated in test systems that include climate and stress assessments in both indoor and outdoor settings. Using the latest technology in our test systems, we ensure that products meet the standards required of every OASE product. Our high standards guarantee that our products are at the quality and functional reliability consumers expect from OASE.

Environmental awareness and sustainability are important factors for a water garden. We have developed the OASE Eco product series with these in mind. Our well known pumps are not only environmentally friendly, but they also save on energy costs.

Leading-edge commitment and expert knowledge

For more than 60 years the commitment of our employees is the greatest potential. For decades our work force have been becoming ever more specialized. A great expanse of know how has been produced that covers all areas: Machine tools, sealing technology, electronics development, materials technology, software development and process engineering with effective biological, chemical and physical mechanisms, e.g. for filter development. With this knowledge we have been able to develop a broad assortment, filled with special products, such as filters of all types, pumps, lighting, control systems and software applications.

The OASE Service Concept: Support in every form

OASE has long standing partners from industry and universities that together with our specialists have consistently been able to master demanding challenges.  Our engineers work tirelessly to overcome challenges that ultimately you reap the benefit of.  We are proud to put our hands to the task of making the wide world of pond ownership easy to understand and even easier to enjoy.