Research & Development

Research & Development Inspired by nature and customer feedback

Our research and development department is committed to surprising and inspiring water garden and pond enthusiasts with new and innovative products. In this regard our R&D relies on creativity and draws upon a wealth of experience. All of this, combined with the passion for water that is shared by everyone at OASE, results in a product range that satisfies the most rigorous quality criteria. This is precisely what we are always striving for. It gives pond enthusiasts the secure feeling that they have made the right choice with OASE.

Our team of experts develops ideas inspired by nature and feedback from our customers. These ideas take shape through modern CAD and simulation workstations. Here our developers utilize modern technology to design every aspect of the products, present them in three-dimensional images, and simulate their function. Our scale is based upon quality and performance, ergonomics, and energy-efficiency requirements. Our team takes into account everything needed for a natural water garden experience in every season.