2017 Product Overview

New Products in 2017 See what OASE has in store for you in 2017

Whether a professional landscaper, homeowner, or hobbyist, the OASE 2017 Collection of professional-grade products includes something for everyone.

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Fountain & Fountain Pumps: Great for a variety of creative applications and implementations. Quiet and efficient operation ensures a peaceful and therapeutic ambiance.

Pond & Waterfall Pumps: An array of energy-efficient, yet powerful, pumps provide beneficial circulation. The result is a healthy and stable ecosystem.

Filters, UVC & Aeration: An extensive line of filters and aerators promotes a healthy environment for fish and plants. With an OASE pond filtration system, even a pond under heavy biological load can be maintained to pristine condition.

Pond Cleaning & Skimmers: Simple, effective pond maintenance products, from surface skimmers to pond vacuums, combat common problems of debris and waste. These products ensure there's more time for pond enjoyment versus pond maintenance.

Illumination & Power: Energy-efficient illumination adds a dazzling finishing touch to any pond or surrounding landscape. Lighting options are engineered to be submerged so that unsightly cables are camouflaged. 

Pond Construction & Landscaping: A natural pond experience begins with high-value, tested and long-lasting products. From flexible liners to a range of hoses and accessories, construction components have been designed to fit inconspicuously together for seamless integration into the surrounding landscape.