Waterfall Pumps

Choosing a Waterfall Pump Moving Water

In order to power a waterfall or stream, a pump with higher flow rate and head height is needed. The newest line of Waterfall Pumps by OASE has been tested extensively in the toughest conditions and has proven to be sturdy and reliable. The size of these pumps allows for perfect placement within any skimmer box or tucked away within the body of water.

Which pump is right?

The basic rule of thumb is that you need 100 GPH of flow for every 1 inch of width for your waterfall to achieve a "Sheet" look.

Example: If you have an 8-inch wide waterfall and the waterfall is at a height of 5 feet, then you need a pump that delivers 800 GPH at 5 feet.

If you prefer a more subtle flow of water, cut the flow rate in half, making 50 GPH your target for every 1-inch of waterfall width.

If you prefer a more robust flow of water, double the flow rate, making 200 GPH your target for every 1 inch of waterfall width.

Don't forget to take friction loss into account when selecting the pump. Remember, this results from bends in the water flow such as an elbow or bringing the flow through a pressure filter prior to delivering to the waterfall. For this reason, it is recommended to use a dedicated pump that is plumbed directly to the waterfall and a separate pump for filters and water features.