Eco-Friendly Gentle on the environment, economical for you!

OASE product stand for fascination and satisfaction of a successful water garden. This satisfaction is increased with the feeling of knowing that you are using an energy-efficient product.

When you use energy efficient product, you not only help the environment, you also enjoy the tangible benefit of saving money. The OASE Eco-Leaf products offer an outstanding energy balance that helps you and the environment.

For example, the AquaMax Eco Premium is one of our most economical, effective, and energy efficient products. It is one of our filter and waterfall pumps that bear the Eco-Leaf and consumes approximately 20% less energy than previous models.

If environmentally conscious and sustainable behavior is as natural for you as it is for us, look for the Eco-Leaf logo and save!

The green Eco-Leaf indicates our energy efficient products that are particularly easy on the environment, as well as on your wallet.