Easy Garden Control

Easy Garden Control OASE introduces EGC to North America

With the OASE Easy Garden Control (EGC) system you can fully control OASE EGC products in and around your pond on your smart phone or tablet. Furthermore, the EGC products can be networked with the OASE Cloud so you can control your EGC system from anywhere in the world.  

In addition to controlling EGC products, the EGC system provides feedback concerning operation status, power consumption, and overall performance data. This data can then be analyzed, formatted, and stored on the OASE Cloud. If any technical or performance problems occur, the homeowner will receive a notification so they can resolve the issue immediately.





EGC Controller Cloud

The EGC Controller is the heart of the Easy Garden Control system. Control up to 10 EGC devices (pumps, lights, filters) via WiFi.

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ProfiClear Premium Compact EGC

This automated, pump fed flow-through filter is perfect for water gardens and koi ponds. The self cleaning drum filter section of the filter takes the work and worry out of maintaining your filter. The moving bed section of the filter delivers maximum biological filtration and oxygenation when connected to an additional air pump. When connected to the EGC system, filter operation and status are fully accessible anywhere in the world through the EGC app.

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AquaMax Eco Expert 6800 / 11500

This powerful, highly energy efficient brushless DC filtration pump is perfectly suited for water gardens or koi ponds. The included Seasonal Flow Control (SFC) allows for an additional 30% energy savings when switched on. When connected to the EGC system, further expanded control and monitoring options are available.

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Aquarius Eco Expert 7300 / 11500

This powerful, highly energy efficient brushless DC fountain and water feature pump includes Dynamic Function Control (DFC) which makes a variable water pattern possible when switched on. When connected to the EGC system an expanded library of preprogrammed water patterns is available along with normal flow control.

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ProfiLux Garden LED RGB Set 3

This compact, robust light set is designed for use in and out of water. All of the effects and color options of the ProfiLux LED RGB Set can be controlled with EGC. It comes with 3 lights and an underwater transformer. Up to 4 lights can operated in sync per transformer. A single light (without a transformer) will also be available for purchase.

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