Easy Garden Control

The Smart Revolution is coming to North America Early 2019!

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The OASE Clear Water Guarantee

OASE can help you cut down on maintenance time and keep your water consistently clean and clear!

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PondoVac Series

The best-selling, versatile line of vacuums for easy and effective maintenance with continuous suction!

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A Pump for All Seasons

Dual-suction, solids-handling, frost protection (down to -4°F), and "Environmental Function Control!"

AquaMax ECO Premium!

PondoVac 5 is available!


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Inspired by Nature

Save up to 40% on your bills with products that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy on your wallet. Look for the green leaf that represents our Eco-Leaf product lines!

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Passionate About Water

We have built a strong reputation for quality and excellence from the humble beginnings to become the global leaders of creative water industry.  We love what we do and it's our honor to share our passion with the world.

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German Technology

We only provide the latest in German technology and innovation in all our products. You can expect high performance, durability, and reliability with every OASE item you purchase. 

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OASE product world

Fountains & Fountain Pumps

With our diverse line of fountains and fountain pumps, you are guaranteed to find the right fountain effect for your water feature. Our fountain pumps run quietly and efficiently, never getting in the way of creating a peaceful and therapeutic atmosphere for your outdoor living space.

Pond & Waterfall Pumps

Waterfalls are more than just elegant additions to a pond or water garden. They also provide many advantages in aeration that enhance the health and stability of th pond's ecosystem. OASE offers an array of energy efficient pond and waterfall pumps that equip you with technology to create your dream water feature.

Filters, UVC & Aerators

Pond filters and aerators are used together to ensure that your pond is crystal clear and remains in optimal condition year-round. The extensive line of OASE filters and aerators provide you with many options for maintaining a safe, clean, and healthy ecosystem for your fish and plants.

Pond Cleaning & Skimmers

Keeping your pond clean is easier with the help of a surface skimmer and an OASE PondoVac pond vacuum. These powerful pond maintenance systems are the culmination of ingenuity and innovation that define OASE. Flexibility is a luxury afforded by these cleaning methods, and enjoyment is part of the experience.

Illumination & Power

Illuminate your pond or landscape at night with the variety of energy efficient lighting options offered by OASE. With mesmerizing lighting that is sure to impress, you'll be amazed at how beautiful your water feature looks once the sun goes down!

Pond Construction & Landscaping

The construction of your pond is surprisingly easy with the extensive pond construction product range. Any type of pond is a genuine, natural experience and give the garden a very special, individual highlight. Starting with the smallest pond pools to larger liner ponds with fish, OASE has the ideal construction concept with the right materials.