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See what the new year has brought us, many exciting new items from your friends at Oase!

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BioTec Gravity Filters

Automatic Debris Separation is only a click away!

BioTec 18000 & 36000

PondoVac 4

Continuous suction will cut your pond cleaning time in half!

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Filtral UVC 700 & 1200

Compact all-in-one submersible pond filtration system with UV Clarifier!

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Inspired by Nature

Save up to 40% on your bills with products that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy on your wallet. Look for the green leaf that represents our Eco-Leaf product lines!

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Passionate About Water

We have built a strong reputation for quality and excellence from the humble beginnings to become the global leaders of creative water industry.  We love what we do and it's our honor to share our passion with the world.

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German Technology

We only provide the latest in German technology and innovation in all our products. You can expect high performance, durability, and reliability with every OASE item you purchase. 

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Green Company

It's easy being Green

As the leading technology provider in water maintenance solutions we take responsibility for the environment. Worldwide the demand for environmental protection and thus the environmental consciousness of the individual are increasing. We welcome this fact and make a contribution in this regard with our innovative solutions for conserving resources. All of our products are designed with energy efficiency and a regard for conservation.

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Aquarius Universal Fountain Pumps

 Bring style and serenity to your living space by utilizing a fountain pump ideal for small bubbling stones, statuary and decorative fountains of any type. The Aquarius Universal Fountain Pumps provide you with robust technology for powering your favorite fountain.

Aquarius Universal Product Page

AquaMax Eco Premium

Circulate the water in your pond or waterfall with exceptional performance and energy efficiency by using an AquaMax Eco Premium Pond and Waterfall Pump. Longevity and efficiency are hallmarks of this premium line of pump models, which excel at ensuring optimal water movement.

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FiltoClear Pressure Filters

The FiltoClear pressure filter is a fantastic choice for any pond owner, new or veteran. The FiltoClear series has a built-in UV Clarifier and Cleaning Handle, making it not only extremely efficient at cleaning your pond, but also extremely efficient at cleaning your filter.

FiltoClear Pressure Filters Page

PondoVac 4

Keeping your pond clean of debris, sludge, and organic waste is easier than ever with the PondoVac 4 Pond Vacuum. This state of the art pond vacuum is equipped with 5 suction nozzles and also with high quality aluminum suction pipes. A practical helper for garden ponds, pools, and swim ponds that can also be used as a dry vac around the house, with the provided bag.

PondoVac 4 Product Page

LunAqua 3

Create a warm yet serene atmosphere in and around your pond at night with the LunAqua 3 LED and Halogen Lights. These LED and Halogen lights have an exceptional life expectancy and are extremely energy efficient, resulting in years of dependable use.

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Hide unsightly cables and hoses with the Tradux connection system. The Tradux enables a wall transition below the water surface. Pumps, filters, and lights are invisibly supplied with power and hoses; forget the bothersome attempts to conceal connections that run over the edge of the pond.

Tradux Product Page