Oase Products All the tools you need to help your pond succeed

Oase has been hard at work perfecting our product offerings to better suit your needs and the needs of your pond.  We strive to create not only well performing tools, but are constantly revisiting our designs to ensure that we are providing products that are innovative and easy to deploy.  Take a look at our product offerings for each of our categories, there you will find all the explanation about each product and how they work together holistically.  Thank you for your interest in Oase Water Garden products and we look forward to partnering with you in the building of your own Oasis!

Fountains and Statuary

Whether a gentle waterfall or a dynamic jet: Moving water fascinates just about everyone. There are many possibilities for enhancing your garden or your pond with fountains from OASE. Moving water creates a special ambiance that you and your guests will experience in your garden and home. Our products listed below are a great way to build that special ambiance that you are looking to create.

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Pond and Waterfall Pumps

The energy-efficient filter and watercourse pumps from OASE not only reliably ensure turbulence in the pond: Their outstanding energy balance with extremely low energy consumption make these powerhouses particularly economical; this pays off, and not just with regard to increasing electricity prices. Look for green Eco Leaf, with which OASE labels the new generation of products that are particularly energy efficient, and that are easy on the environment, as well as your wallet.

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Filters and Aerators

A pond offers a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna - a complex ecosystem that wants to be preserved. A filter system that is optimally matched in this regard ensures clear water, guaranteed. Basically a filter system consists of a filter pump for feeding the filter, a pond filter that ensures biological-mechanical cleaning, and a UV Clarifier to eliminate suspended algae and pathogens.

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Pond Care

It is ever important to make sure that you are taking all considerations into account when it relates to pond health.  Our UV Clarifiers and Pond Care pare is filled with all of the tools that you need to maintain a healthy pond ecosystem.  UV Clarifiers help cut down on the green algae in your pond, Surface Skimmers remove solid debris from the pond surface, and our patented PondoVac product line is perfectly placed to help you remove solid debris from the bottom of any pond.  

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Illumination and Power

If your pond is beautiful in the day-time, imagine how spectacular it could be at night with proper lighting. Lighting is an often-overlooked aspect of pond design and should be considered for all ponds even during construction. Sometimes as little as a single well-placed light makes all the difference. Enjoy the dazzling effect of OASE's light offerings.

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Equipment and Accessories

Maintaining you pond can be a difficult task even in wonderful weather conditions, but OASE has provided some tools that will reduce stress and time while working on your pond.  Whether you want to hide your cabling below water level, remove debris or clean skimmers without getting into the pond, or controlling your flow in your pond system; OASE has solutions for you!  

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