Ice Free

IceFree Be free from freezing

Just like in the natural world, the seasons play a large part on how your pond's biology fares throughout the year, and during the winter it can be most difficult for your fish stay alive.  The main way that your fish will be harmed is lack of oxygen which is caused by the top layer of water freezing over and encapsulating the pond.  This means that only the oxygen that was in your pond at the start of freezing will remain.  The IceFree is a lifesaver to the life of your pond, it allows for a small hole to remain open to allow the important exchange of gasses at the surface of the water, which allows your fish to breathe easy during the harshest of winters.

Allowing Your Pond to Breathe

Winter is a difficult time for all animal life, but thanks to the IceFree, your pond will have one less problem to worry about, while your fish can have easy access to life sustaining oxygen from the outside world.

Gas Exchange
The IceFree allows for the ever important process of gas exchange to occur at the waters surface.  Throughout the year the fish will inhale Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide very much in the same way that we humans do, however they only have a limited amount of space to move in and breathe and as a result they can run out of Oxygen very quickly. It would be like putting yourself in a sealed bubble with normal air around you, but as you inhale and exhale you remove Oxygen from the equation and thus in time there will not be enough Oxygen to sustain you and, well we all know what happens next.  That's why it is so important to have a small hole in the top of the frozen pond to insure gas exchange will happen throughout the winter months.


The IceFree is unbelievably energy efficient, it can allow for gas exchange while only using 5 watts of power.  That is less energy than what your typical household clock radio will use.  Keep your fish safe for hardly any energy cost to you, they will thank you for it.

Aeration as a second benefit

The IceFree is also a benefit to you and your fish in the summer months.  The IceFree can be used for aeration, which assist the biological processes that keep the pond clean and healthy.

Flow Rate 110 GPH
Lowest Operational Temperature -4° F
Power Consumption 5 Watts
Warranty 3 Years

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Part Number 57374