Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

The questions posed in this category are general knowledge questions, which OASE has acquired over many years in the business. We have selected our most pertinent questions for you, to help inform your buying decisions as well as increase your knowledge of what it means to be a pond owner. The questions range from product specific questions to a basic understanding of how to calculate your pond volume.  If you have any questions that are broad or specific, this may be the place you were always looking for! Click here to read our General FAQ's!

Pond Ecosystem

Your pond is a miniaturized version of what you would find in nature, meaning it has needs and is an ever changing landscape that needs your knowledge and care to thrive.  All the flora and fauna in your pond need a certain balance of elements to insure their safe and productive lives can continue.  This section will give you insight into the inner workings of pond science, it will give you a holistic knowledge that you can use to make sure you are the best care taker for your pond tenants. Be the best to your pond as you can, so start reading here! Click here to read our Pond Ecosystem FAQ's!

Pond Planning and Care

How to build a pond is usually the first question people ask when thinking about creating their own backyard retreat, but there is truly so much more to consider such as maintenance and care.  Not only will we help explain some very important steps of how to build your pond, but we will also show you how to keep it healthy and you and your wildlife happy!  Read through our questions and answers below to help you in your journey to creating and keeping your own backyard pond or water garden. Click here to read the Pond Planning and Care FAQ's!