Water Gardening Products

OASE Products All the tools you need to help your pond succeed

OASE has been hard at work perfecting our product offerings to better suit your needs and the needs of your pond.  We strive to create not only well performing tools, but are constantly revisiting our designs to ensure that we are providing products that are innovative and easy to deploy.  Take a look at our product offerings for each of our categories, there you will find all the explanation about each product and how they work together holistically.  Thank you for your interest in OASE Water Garden products and we look forward to partnering with you in the building of your own Oasis!

Fountains & Fountain Pumps

Whether its a bubbling stone or a dynamic jet water spray, moving water fascinates everyone. There are multiple ways to enhance your garden with a water feature using our fountain pumps. OASE fountains and fountain pumps help to create a special ambiance everyone can enjoy in their garden and home. With our diverse line of fountains and fountain pumps, you are guaranteed to find the right fountain effect for your water feature. Our fountain pumps run quietly and efficiently, never getting in the way of creating a peaceful and therapeutic atmosphere for your outdoor living space. Our fountain pump's functions and accessories allow a great variety of creative applications and implementations in your garden. A bubbling stone, a foam fountain, and a three-tier water spray are just a few ways to incorporate a modern design aesthetic to your water feature. Our Water Entertainment products are a special enhancement for your garden. With the Plug'n Spray principle, installation is quick so that there is more time for enjoyment.

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Pond & Waterfall Pumps

Waterfalls are more than just elegant additions to a pond or water garden. They also provide many advantages in aeration that enhance the health and stability of the pond's ecosystem. OASE offers an array of energy efficient pond and water fall pumps that equip you with the technology to create your dream water feature. Water gardens are ideal habitats for a variety of freshwater plants and animals. These habitats require sufficient oxygen levels to support aquatic life. Our pond and waterfall pumps are designed to facilitate the presence of a beautiful waterfall and to keep the water in your pond moving so that optimal oxygen levels are maintained. Additionally, our pond and waterfall pumps work with our filters to support the health of your pond's ecosystem. Our energy-efficient pond and waterfall pumps not only reliably circulate water, they provide outstanding energy balance with extremely low energy consumption, making these powerhouses particularly economical.

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Filters, UVC & Aerators

Pond filters and aerators are used together to ensure that your pond is crystal clear and remains in optimal condition year-round. The extensive line of OASE filters and aerators provide you with many options for maintaining a safe, clean, and healthy ecosystem for your fish and plants. With the help of an OASE pond filtration system, you can be assured that your pond will remain in pristine condition, even under heavy biological load. To experience more thorough filtration, our UV Clarifiers can be attached to a flow-through filter to significantly reduce the buildup of suspended algae in your pond. To preserve healthy oxygen levels in your pond and ensure a lively and productive aquatic environment, we have developed aeration systems to efficiently meet this need. Clean, beautiful water is a promise with the combination of an OASE filter, UV clarifier and aerator - an excellent team!

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Pond Cleaning & Skimmers

Keeping your pond clean is easier with the help of a surface skimmer and an OASE PondoVac pond vacuum. These powerful pond maintenance systems are the culmination of ingenuity and innovation that define OASE. Flexibility is a luxury afforded by these cleaning methods, and enjoyment is part of the experience. Our surface skimmers also improve water quality by removing floating debris from the water surface, not giving it a chance to settle. OASE pond vacuums are engineered to get into all the nooks and crannies of your pond and draw up the debris that is caught in hard to reach areas. With this convenient vacuuming technology, cleaning your pond can now be something you look forward to. The extensive range of OASE pond helps makes pond care enjoyable!

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Water Treatments

The sensitive pond biology is frequently burdened by excessive fish stock, rainfall and too much sunlight or leaves. The consequences are poor water quality, excessive algae, and silt formation.

The AquaActiv line is an effective treatment against these factors and restores the biological balance in the pond so you can help your pond to help itself. The AquaActiv A-B-C Concept shows you a biologically sensible approach to a cleaner pond. Step A works to condition your pond water by removing chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals. Step B cleans your pond by grouping any dirt, sediment and organic particles together and then eliminates them.  Step C helps control and prevent algae and cleans the green out of the water.

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Illumination & Power

Illuminate your pond or landscape at night with the variety of energy efficient lighting options offered by OASE. With mesmerizing lighting that is sure to impress, you'll be amazed at how beautiful your water feature looks once the sun goes down! Lighting is an often overlooked aspect of pond design and should be considered for all ponds even during construction. Sometimes as little as a single well-placed light makes all the difference. If you have a waterfall, try up-lighting the falling water. Hide a spotlight along the side of the pond to illuminate fish and koi for dramatic effect. Or illuminate fish and koi for dramatic effect. Or illuminate marginal plants from below the water surface to complement your landscape lighting. Convenience is part of the LunAqua series design, as all the cables and even the transformer can be submerged and hidden in the pond so there are no unsightly cables to hide out of the pond. This is modern outdoor lighting at its finest!

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Pond Construction & Landscaping

The construction of your pond is surprisingly easy with the extensive pond construction product range. The well-designed program makes OASE the perfect pond partner. Any type of pond is a genuine, natural experience and gives the garden a very special, individual highlight. Starting with the smallest pond pools to larger liner ponds with fish, OASE has the ideal construction concept with the right materials. The flexible OASE pond liners are well suited for different pond sizes and shapes. You can rely on the high value, tested and long-lasting quality of our pond liners - with a warranty of up to 20 years! The pond liners are supplemented with an extensive and well thought out range of tubing and accessories. All connections for filter and power fit perfectly together and can be inconspicuously integrated in the garden.  

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