Floating Fountain with Lights

Floating Fountain with Lights Compact, reliable, and energy efficient floating fountain

Built as an enduring focal point or as the life of the party for a special event. It can be installed in a lake or pond, either artificial or natural. The Floating Fountain with Lights is eco-friendly and environmentally smart, improving the overall water quality. It’s ready to connect and comes as a complete set with a pump, float body, mooring lines, lights and 3 nozzles. The Floating Fountain with Lights creates a water display that can reach 14 feet in height or 20 ft. in width.

Nozzle Attachments
Includes 3 fountain head attachments, each with a unique and stunning water effect (Trumpet, Single Tier, 3-Tier).

Kink-free power cord
Nylon tangle-proof jacket (1/2 HP only).

Illumination Set Included
Three LED spotlights wonderfully illuminates the various water patterns.

Floating Fountain with Lights
1/4 HP
Floating Fountain with Lights
1/2 HP
Dimensions (Dia x H) 14.3 x 18.9 in. 22.8 x 16.73 in.
Operating Voltage 110-120V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 130 Watts 230 Watts
Cable Length 50 ft. 75 ft.
Net weight 14.96 lbs. 19.25 lbs.
Flow Rate 2300 GPH 5150 GPH
Head Height 21 Feet 23 Feet
Connections 1 in. 2 in.
Number of nozzles 3
Warranty 2+1 Years 2+1 Years

Manual & Safety Information Manual & Safety Information
Parts Store Coming soon
Part Number 45383 45393