Neptun For waterfalls and large fountain displays

Our Neptun fountain pumps are ideal for larger water features or patterns requiring high head pressure. These pumps can be dry-installed and come with the necessary flow control adaptors right in the box. All Neptun pumps are protected from thermal overload. 

Fountain Pumps for Any Large Application

The Neptun 1600 and 2600 are ideal choices when flexibility is a prime concern.  With a design that is focused with offering a platform that is easily scalable in regards to flow rate and installation options.  Neptun Fountain Pumps are an easy choice for anyone who needs, adjustable flow rate and flexibility in wet or dry applications.

Easy to Adjust the flow rate
Neptun Fountain Pumps have an easy to use flow rate adjustment dial placed directly on the front of the pump, this makes adjusting your display height very simple with no additional plumbing needed.

Dry and underwater installations are simple
Neptun Fountain pumps are made even more flexible by allowing for submersed or in-line installation for use in almost any application.  This functionality allows the user to either incorporate their feature pump inside the basin of an application or place it out of site and in-line as a dry use pump.

Thermal overload and frost protection
Neptun Fountain and Statuary pumps come standard with thermal overload and frost protection. The Neptun pumps are capable of withstanding -5°F and will automatically shut off when they are running too hot, to protect the pump from overheating important components, truly a product that will work well in any condition.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 12x6x5 in. 14x7x7 in.
Operating Voltage 110-120V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 100 Watts 220 Watts
Cable Length 20 ft
Flow Rate 1600 GPH 2600 GPH
Head Height 15 Feet 20 Feet
Connections (Intake/Outlet) 1 1/2 in. & 1 in.
Usage Type Dry and Submersed
Warranty 3 Years

Manual & Safety Information Manual & Safety Information
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Part Number 57394 57096