LunaLED Pond & Landscape Lights

LunaLED Pond & Landscape Lights Compact design, flexible functionality

Small, modern LED technology offers particularly flexible design and installation possibilities within your yard, in and out of the pond – and it offers these possibilities with high energy efficiency and safe 12V tech­nology.

LunaLED Pond & Landscape Light Set 1

LunaLED Pond and Landscape Light will bring the party to your pond! Let the event dictate the lighting arrangement.  Begin with LunaLED’s classic subtle white light—perfect for any occasion. If the mood calls for it, switch the lens to raging red, daring blue, calming yellow or soothing green.  The design of the light set allows for use in or out of the water—providing increased flexibility and drama. It’s compact ensuring discretion and easy integration into garden or pond design.

LunaLED Pond & Landscape Light Set 3

LunaLED Pond and Landscape Lights Set 3 will cast a beautiful glow on your outdoor water feature and garden!  Begin with LunaLED’s classic and subtle white light. Then mix it up—never set the same lighting arrangement twice—raging red, daring blue, calming yellow and soothing green (or combine them all!). Your choice will set the ambiance. Set the lights in your landscape or under water—combine the practicality of outdoor lighting with the drama of underwater illumination. The weighted and adjustable bases ensure consistent positioning even in adverse weather and pond conditions. 

LunaLED Pond & Landscape
Light Set 1
LunaLED Pond & Landscape
Lights Set 3
Light Output 84 Lumen
Operating Voltage 120V / 60 Hz, 12V
Power Consumption 0.5 watts 1.5 watts
Power Cable Length 16 ft. 10 ft.
Cable Length
between Spotlights


3 ft.
Bulb Type LED
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Manual & Safety Information Manual & Safety Information
Parts Store Coming soon Coming soon
Part Number 45410 45411