LunaLED Pond & Landscape Mini Lights

LunaLED Pond & Landscape Mini Lights Compact and sophisticated

Great lighting is everything. It can change a party to the event of the year and a pond to the focal point and envy of all. LunaLED Mini Pond Lights will provide drama, flexibility and style—drawing the eye to the central point of your outdoor space—your water feature. These six pond lights are not just for dry land, they function in your pond. Completely waterproof, these lights are compact and easy to integrate into any size pond or garden. Its underwater connective technology provides ample light—the LunaLED Mini Pond Lights are a 6-unit series circuit and includes a 12-volt transformer with a 12 ft. cord. An automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor does the work for you. 

Small with high-power radiance

These compact spotlights offers a lot of light and significant ­energy savings. With the utmost flexibility, they can illuminate fountains, be recessed in the ground,  or placed between rocks. Its robust underwater connection technology allows them to be installed in the pond with no problems.

LunaLED Pond & Landscape
Mini Lights Set 6
Light Output 31 Lumen
Operating Voltage 120V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 1.2 watts
Power Cable Length 10 ft.
Cable Length
between Spotlights

3 ft.
Bulb Type LED
Warranty 1 Year

Manual & Safety Information
Parts Store Coming soon
Part Number 45412