LunAqua 10

LunAqua 10 Powerful lighting that is easy to use

The LunAqua 10 LED and Halogen pond lights illuminate pond and landscape alike as a medium angle flood light. The LED fixture can output 10W at 365 Lumens. The Halogen fixture has multiple bulb options that range from 35-75W. The unit is capable of being fully submerged. The LunAqua 10 Halogen and LED pond lights are the perfect solution for any hard to reach location, in or around your pond.

Lighting Tip!

Up-Lighting is a fantastic way to create a dramatic impression on you and your guests.  This technique highlights specific contours and locations in your pond and will draw the viewer's eye around your pond as if it were a piece of living art.

The LunAqua 10 lighting system is capable of being placed above or below the water line. This feature allows you to create lighting accents in endless combinations.  The lights also are capable of being placed underwater exclusively, which means your fish or underwater landscape can become the focal point of your pond experience.

Ingenious Connection System
The LunAqua 10 lighting system uses an ingenious connection system that allows for quick and safe connections underwater and outside the pond.  The connection is made of watertight materials and connects in such a way to not allow anything into it that nature can put out.  This connection is universal for all OASE products that connect to the UST-150 Underwater Transformer. (Transformer and connection cables not included.)

The LunAqua 10 produces an amazing 1250 (Halogen), 365(LED) lumens of power at a 24° (Halogen), 18° (LED) display angle. The LunAqua 10 will easily light up your pond or waterfall at night, and give you the display that even professionals will envy.

LunAqua 10
LunAqua 10
Light Output 365 Lumen 1250 Lumen
Operating Voltage 12V/AC 12V/AC
Power Consumption 10 Watts 35-75 Watts
Warranty 2 Year 2 Year

Manual & Safety Information
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Part Number 50366 55889