LunAqua 3

LunAqua 3 Fascinating Halogen or LED lighting

The LunAqua 3 pond light can be used above or below the water. Its compact size makes it an ideal niche light to hide in nooks and crannies or between rocks. The light also comes with a ground stake and an adjustable mounting base for fixed installation

All bulbs function with safe 12 V low voltage, they satisfy the IP 68 protection class requirements and consequently are suitable for sustained use underwater.

Lighting Tip!

Up-Lighting is a fantastic way to create a dramatic impression on you and your guests.  This technique highlights specific contours and locations in your pond and will draw the viewer's eye around your pond as if it were a piece of living art.

Underwater and above water  lighting 
The LunAqua 3 lighting system is capable of being placed above or below the water line. This feature allows you to create lighting accents in endless combinations.  The lights also are capable of being placed underwater exclusively, which means your fish or underwater landscape can become the focal point of your pond experience.

Hidden power
The LunAqua 3 is made to be hidden amongst rocks and foliage in or at the ponds edge.  This feature allows you create dramatic lighting while not spoiling the experience with visible wire or the light element itself.

Warm and inviting color 
The LunAqua 3 LED system has been engineered and adjusted to display a warm natural light, not the truly white color that LED's are synonymous with.  This makes it a great addition to an existing lighting platform that you may have.  Its color range is indistinguishable from existing Halogen lighting systems, which makes it an easy choice when looking for an energy efficient option.

LunAqua 3
LunAqua 3
Light Output 300 Lumen 110 Lumen
Operating Voltage 12V/AC 12V/AC
Power Consumption 20 Watts 3 Watts
Power Cable

25 ft.
Bulb Type Halogen LED
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Manual & Safety Information
Parts Store
Part Number 57010 56463