AquaMax Eco Premium

AquaMax Eco Premium The Eco-Friendly and Economic Choice

This clever further development of the filter and waterfall pump now saves even more energy at the same convincing delivery capacity and surpasses every other product thanks to its new design. 

AquaMaxEco Premium is the most versatile and energy-efficient filter and waterfall pump available. We took what made AquaMax great and made it better: Dual-suction, solids-handling, frost protection down to -4°F, and intelligent pump protection from thermal overload, blockage and dry running, make these the most advanced pond pumps on the market; and all of this while reducing energy consumption by 40%, even when compared to OASE previous generation AquaMax pumps.

Effectively move water from multiple pond zones

The highest requirements imposed on performance, quality and design have consistently represented the competitive advantage of the AquaMax. But that is not all that characterizes the new AquaMax Eco Premium.


Starting AquaMax Eco Premium is ideally suited for applications where suction is requred from different areas of the pond for increased circulation or to eliminate stagnant spots around the pond. Flow-Through control can be mechanically adjusted from 0 - 100% Ideal for adjusting skimmer or satellite filter capacity in 4-stages.


Depending on the version, the AquaMax Eco Premium achieves delivery capacities up to 4000 g/h, and in the process guarantees high energy efficiency thanks to extremely efficient asynchronous motors.

Environmental Function Control
The AquaMax Eco Premium is designed with Environmental Function Control which will shut off the pump in the event of a dry run or blockage to stop the pump from damaging itself.  This feature will help keep the heart of your pond working and that means less trouble with your pond in the future.

Frost Protection
The AquaMax Eco Premium comes standard with internal frost protection, this means that you will not have to remove your pump during the winter months in temperatures down to -4° F. This saves you time and effort and insures that your pump will be safe even during spikes of the coldest weather.

Clear Water Guarantee

When a pond owner uses specifically marked CWG products, they are guaranteed to have clear water and minimal maintenance. We guarantee that when a tape measure is placed vertically into the pond to a depth of 3 feet, the water will be clear enough to read the 1 inch mark at the tip of the tape measure. » Learn more «


AquaMax Eco
AquaMax Eco
AquaMax Eco
Dimensions 13.5 x 11 x 6.5 in.
Operating Voltage 110-120V / 60hz
Power Consumption 65 Watts 110 Watts 150Watts
Cable Length 20 ft.
Flow Rate Up to 2000 GPH Up to 3000 GPH Up to 4000 GPH
Head Height 10 ft 11 ft 13 ft
Tubing Connectors 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 2 in. and Sch40
Usage Type dry and submersed
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years

Manual & Safety Information Manual & Safety Information Manual & Safety Information
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Part Number 57499 57500 57501