Pond Cleaning & Skimmers

Pond Cleaning & Skimmers The tools you need to succeed all year round

Keeping your pond clean is easier with the help of a surface skimmer and an OASE PondoVac pond vacuum. These powerful pond maintenance systems are the culmination of ingenuity and innovation that define OASE. Flexibility is a luxury afforded by these cleaning methods, and enjoyment is part of the experience.

Over time, the accumulation of debris such as rotting leaves, grass clippings, uneaten fish food, and fish waste can disturb the clarity and overall condition of your pond. Instead of draining, scrubbing, and refilling your pond once or twice a year to clean it out (which requires hard labor, wastes water, and upsets the natural balance of the pond), use a surface skimmer.

Our surface skimmers also improve water quality by removing floating debris from the water surface, not giving it a chance to settle. OASE pond vacuums are engineered to get into all the nooks and crannies of your pond and draw up the debris that is caught in hard to reach areas. With this convenient vacuuming technology, cleaning your pond can now be something you look forward to. The extensive range of OASE pond helpers makes pond care enjoyable. When you use FlexiCut of EasyPick for removing foreign objects, or PondNet for removing leaves or fish - OASE has what you need for relaxing work in and around the garden and pond.

Pond Vacuums

If debris and particles have a chance to sink from the pond surface to the floor of the pond, they can become a stubborn and burdensome problem. In these cases, OASE's line of powerful pond vacuums is here to help!

Within our well known line of vacuums, you will find a versatile range of models you can choose from based on your pond size and the intended purpose. 

The PondoVac Classic not only excels at pond cleaning but also can be used as a wet, dry, or shop vacuum around the house.

Unlike other pond vacuums on the market, the PondoVac3 and PondoVac4 will continuously operate with their patented dual chamber design, cutting your vacuuming time in half. These vacuums are uniquely equipped to be used in ponds and pools. 

One of these high quality pond vacuums is guaranteed to be the right one for you.

PondoVac Classic

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PondoVac 3 & 4

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PondoVac 5

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Surface Skimmers

Pond inhabitants are not the only thing that can pollute the water, but the environment surrounding the pond is a major contributor. Pollen, leaves, debris, particles, and dust can be a major burden to the pond's eco system. Such pollutants float on the surface and cloud your view into the pond, especially if there is a slimy film from fish food.

A skimmer is designed to draw debris from the surface of the water. It removes these floating particles before they have a chance to settle and impair the water's quality. Preventing the debris from settling will reduce the nutrient load and guarantees a clear view into the pond at all times. 


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Pond Helpers

Telescoping pond pliers are ideal for regular cleaning and care of the pond. With its rubberized grips the OASE EasyPick firmly grasps branches leaves, as well as foreign objects that sometimes fall into the pond. The OASE FlexiCut 2 in 1 pond scissors feature a dual approach to vegetation maintenance - they stabilize plants while cutting them, providing stability and torque. The pond scissors are an excellent tool for trimming back overgrown branches and vegetation.



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FlexiCut 2 in 1


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