Pond Construction & Landscaping

Pond Construction & Landscaping You have the dream - make it a reality!

The construction of your pond is surprisingly easy with the extensive pond construction product range. The well designed program makes OASE the perfect pond partner.

Any type of pond is a genuine, natural experience and gives the garden a very special, individual highlight. Starting with the smallest pond pools to larger liner ponds with fish, OASE has the ideal construction concept with the right materials. The flexible OASE pond liners are well suited for different pond sizes and shapes. You can rely on the high value, tested and long lasting quality of our pond liners – with a warranty of up to 20 years! The pond liners are supplemented with an extensive and well thought out range of tubing and accessories. All connections for filters and power fit perfectly together and can be inconspicuously integrated in the garden.

EPDM Pond Liner


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Tubing Connectors


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Water Spitters & Pond Decor


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Waterfall Spillways


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