Welcome to the World of OASE

Since 1949, the OASE brand has been “passionate about water” with a reputation for innovation and quality. Backed by German engineering, OASE harnesses years of research and technology into compelling innovations that translate into a breadth of versatile aquatic products suitable for novice to experienced enthusiasts.

OASE – Living Water. Passionate about water.

Our highly-qualified and experienced employees know the market requirements and trends. Be excited about innovative, reliable products and custom-tailored service. You can count on us! Now as well as in the future you will profit from our outstanding technical competence, our holistic system solutions, and our international network.

We feel an obligation to nature. Water is our passion. Living, natural and healthy water. In short: LIVING WATER. This is what OASE stands for, it is our conviction. Join us on a new journey of discovery.

Thorsten Muck
»Chief Executive Officer«


Founded originally in 1949 as a repair shop for agricultural machines, OASE has become the global leader of the creative water industry. Our work has built a reputation of excellence by creating the most beautiful and durable products in the market. Our unmatched knowledge and expertise has built high quality products that redefine the needs of the water gardening and lake management markets.

From mechanical/electrical engineering to water biology and more, our specialists cover all types of water technology. We proudly invest a lot of time and energy into research and development to continue engineering high-quality products. Our variety of products, from the START line for beginners to our PRO line for advanced enthusiasts, all include the German technology and innovation we have built our strong reputation on. 

With decades in the industry, we have witnessed the grace and elegance water beckons in any environment. This is why we feel an obligation to preserve water’s charm. We have designed products with an eco-conscious focus that prioritizes the preservation of water’s beauty. We strive to enhance water’s natural flowing beauty, or as we say, LIVING water. Living water is what OASE believes in and what we have the honor of sharing with you.



OASE founded as agricultural repair shop.



OASE lands its first expansion into Belgium.


OASE expands to Asia with first office in Singapore.



Production plant founded in Taicang, China.


OASE Middle East opens in Dubai.


Acquisition of Eden SRI, Italy



1st OASE agricultural pumps were developed.



OASE expands business to France & Britain.



OASE moved into the Eastern European market.



OASE brand is relaunched with new strategy.



OASE Innovation Center opens in Hörstel.



Acquisition of GeoGlobal Partners, USA



The first OASE fountain was created.



OASE expands into the United States market.



The Center for Design is founded in Singapore


OASE expands to Turkey & China.


New investor Equistone supports growth strategy.



Acquisition of biOrb, UK

Innovation & Sustainability

The know-how we have acquired in all aspects of designing with water has resulted in a product range that satisfies the most rigorous requirements. Environmental awareness, efficiency and sustainability are the values that define our innovations.Combined with these core values and state-of-the-art technology, our products are made to the highest quality standards and are inspiring in every sense.

OASE's uncompromised, high quality products guarantee that pond enthusiasts will enjoy their water garden for many years to come.

OASE stands for creativity, attention to detail and intelligent design with one goal in mind: making all water gardening experiences unique through living water.

Eco-Leaf Technology

OASE products stand for fascination and satisfaction of a successful water garden. This satisfaction is increased with the feeling of knowing that you are using an energy efficient product. When you use energy efficient products, you not only help the environment, you also enjoy the tangible benefit of saving money. The OASE Eco-leaf products offer an outstanding energy balance that helps you and the environment. If environmentally conscious and sustainable behavior is as natural for you as it is for us, look for the Eco-Leaf logo and save!

Research & Development

Our research and development department is committed to surprising and inspiring water garden and pond enthusiasts with new and innovative products. In this regard, our R&D relies on creativity and draws upon a wealth of experience. All of this, combined with the passion for water that is shared by everyone at OASE, results in a product range that satisfies the most rigorous quality criteria. This is precisely what we are always striving for. It gives pond enthusiasts the secure feeling that they have made the right choice with OASE.

Our team of experts develops ideas inspired by nature and feedback from our customers. These ideas take shape through modern CAD and simulation workstations. Here our developers utilize modern technology to design every aspect of the products, present them in three-dimensional images, and simulate their function. Our scale is based upon quality and performance, ergonomics, and energy-efficiency requirements. Our team takes into account everything needed for a natural water garden experience in every season.

Quality Assurance

Even before the first prototype is produced, our engineers are already working on product optimizations. Prior to series production, our products are evaluated in test systems that include climate and stress assessments in both indoor and outdoor settings. Using the latest technology in our test systems, we ensure that products meet the standards required of every OASE product. Our high standards guarantee that our products are at the quality and functional reliability consumers expect from OASE.

Environmental awareness and sustainability are important factors for a water garden. We have developed the OASE Eco product series with these in mind. Our well known pumps are not only environmentally friendly, but they also save on energy costs.

Leading-edge commitment and expert knowledge

For more than 60 years the commitment of our employees is the greatest potential. For decades our work force have been becoming ever more specialized. A great expanse of know how has been produced that covers all areas: Machine tools, sealing technology, electronics development, materials technology, software development and process engineering with effective biological, chemical and physical mechanisms, e.g. for filter development. With this knowledge, we have been able to develop a broad assortment, filled with special products, such as filters of all types, pumps, lighting, control systems and software applications.

The OASE Service Concept: Support in every form

OASE has long standing partners from industry and universities that together with our specialists have consistently been able to master demanding challenges.  Our engineers work tirelessly to overcome challenges that ultimately you reap the benefit of.  We are proud to put our hands to the task of making the wide world of pond ownership easy to understand and even easier to enjoy.


We develop products that inspire the water gardening industry, worldwide, with their high performance, reliability and longevity. We combine modern, automatic manufacturing technology and know-how into our production to deliver high-quality items. Throughout the entire OASE line, our products proudly carry the seal of quality.

With their knowledge, our expert specialists cover all areas of pond technology. From mechanical engineering and material engineering to electrical engineering and software development, their range of expertise also extends to water biology and landscaping. This incredible versatility is the foundation of our extensive offering of high quality products. OASE always offers you the latest technology and innovations that will be a source of enjoyment for many years. We stand for passion about water and invite you to experience the fascinating world of OASE.