Algae Problems

Remove and avoid aquarium algae

Virtually every aquarium enthusiast must struggle with algae and often perceives this as annoying and bothersome.  Here are some tips on how to avoid this common problem.

There are different types of algae; however, there are only a few types that are relevant to an aquarium.  The most frequently found are blue algae, red algae, green algae, and brown algae.

There are many reasons for increased algae growth; however, the most frequent cause is an overabundance of nutrients.

To avoid increased algae growth, the nutrient cycle should continue naturally.  If nutrients are added (example: fish food, decaying plants or trimmings, infrequent partial water changes), the nutrient cycle is thrown out of balance.  In particular, regular partial water changes withdraw excess nutrients to help reduce algae growth.

Green algae is one of the most frequent-occurring types of algae types.  This algae type is usually a single-cell algae which means it will suspend in the water turning the water green. Lots of light and nutrient loads promote green algae growth.  Quick removal of algae from the water can cause a strain on the aquarium system as the algae becomes a part of the ecosystem like a plant.

Preventative measures are the best for algae control.  Place your aquarium out of direct or continuous sunlight.  Continue regular partial water changes.  Aquarium plants can also help control algae as they compete for the same nutrient source as algae.  Certain types of fish and invertebrates will also eat algae as a food source.  You can also add a UV Clarifier which works to eliminate algae before there is a problem.


ClearTronic 7W

The ClearTronic 7W is a UV Clarifier that promotes clear water and healthy fish in your marine or freshwater aquarium up to 70 gallons.  Through the use of UV technology water from your aquarium is slowly exposed to a UV bulb which is ideal for preventing disease that can aquarium inhabitants.  Plus, it effectively eliminates algae and cloudiness to ensure clear views of your underwater world.