Aquarium Accessories

The Tools You Need to Succeed

Maintaining your aquarium is key to a healthy aquatic environment.  OASE provides the tools to make your aquarium maintenance simple.


Aquarium Heater

Aquarium heaters ensure uniform water temperatures so that the inhabitants of the aquarium always enjoy optimum health.


Automatic Feeder

Automatic feeders ensure a regular supply of fish food for aquarium inhabitants, even when you are not at home: The FishGuard automatic feeder supplies your fish 4x daily with maximum of 3 doses per feed. Additionally, it protects the fish food from moisture.


Water Exchange System

One of the often bothersome duties of an aquarium owner is changing water.  Now use the Aqua In-Out Set from OASE to make water changes simple.  The powerful pump moves the water directly to the drain via the 33 ft. tubing and pumps fresh water in.


Cleaning & Care

"Hands-on" is what cleaning and care mean for most aquarium owners: Aquarium plants need to be trimmed, the glass needs to be cleaned, the aquarium substrate must be loosened up, and the technical accessories, such as tubing must be maintained.  OASE has the right accessories and care tools for all the small tasks associated with the underwater world.