Aquarium Design

Setting up your ideal underwater world

When designing your aquarium, keep in mind any specific needs of your fish or plants to create the perfect habitat for them.  Start with rinsing out your aquarium with freshwater this will help to remove any dust, particles, or chemical residues.  Next, play the substrate.  The base layer is typical formed from pebble or sand.  Next, install your aquarium support system such as pumps, filters, etc following the instructions found in each of the product manuals.  Do not plug in anything until completely submersed.  Next, carefully fill the aquarium up 1/3 of the tank.  In order to not stir up any of the substrate, consider using a slow flow of water and run through a mesh or other tool to restrict an aggressive flow.  Now, add any driftwood, rocks, and decor.  You can follow with any aquatic plants.  Finally, fill with water.

TIP! Before adding fish you should, you should allow the water to cycle to a point microorganisms have settled to balance the natural nitrogen cycle.  Typically, this process takes about three weeks.  You will need to test the water to determine if any water treatments are needed to create the ideal environment for the fish you have chosen.