Filters & UVC

Clean Water and Maximum Convenience

A functioning filter is not only crucial for the water quality of the aquarium, but it also ensures the survival of the inhabitants. Filters maintain a balanced ecosystem, generate current, absorb turbid substances, and enrich the water with oxygen. the filters clean the water by utilizing mechanical and biological filtration. Mechanical filtration removes suspended matter and coarse dirt particles, such as feed residues, plant parts, and animal waste. Biological filtration converts or removes bacteria as microorganisms settled in the filter feed on organic matter.

OASE's range of both internal and external filters provides you with many options for maintaining a clean and healthy ecosystem for your fish and plants. Internal filters are placed inside the aquarium and are particularly suitable for small aquariums or if there is no space outside the aquarium. They can also function as an additional filter. A key advantage is that no visible hose connections interfere with the aquarium's overall aesthetic. External filters are placed outside the aquarium, thus making them easily accessible from the outside. These filters can easily be hidden in an under-cabinet. External filters usually operate with different filter media in several layers. OASE external filters are characterized by high filter performance and long service life.

For even more cleaning, OASE offers the ClearTronic UV Clarifier. UV Clarifiers ensure clear, bacteria-free aquarium water through UVC radiation - ideal for preventing diseases that can affect aquarium inhabitants.

TIP! The basis for the selection of an aquarium filter is the size of the aquarium, measured by the amount of water. In general, it is better to choose an oversized filter system than a small one. 

TIP! Be patient... 
Important microorganisms that biologically clean the water settle on the filter foams in your aquarium filter. These microorganisms feed on minute particles that we perceive as debris - a new or recently cleaned filter only attains its full performance capacity gradually; the microbiology must first establish itself.


Internal Filters

The OASE internal aquarium filters are designed for use inside freshwater aquariums. The discreet design options are ideal for keeping the focus of your aquarium on its beauty.

BioCompact BioPlus / BioPlus Thermo
25 50 50 100 200
Suitable for aquariums up to, max. 10 gal 15 gal 15 gal 30 gal 55 gal

External Filters

The OASE external aquarium filters are designed for high performance and long service life in fresh and marine water aquariums.

FiltoSmart / FiltoSmart Thermo BioMaster / BioMaster Thermo
60 100 200 300 250 350 600
Suitable for aquariums up to, max. 20 gal 30 gal 55 gal 80 gal 70 gal 90 gal 160 gal

UV Clarifiers

Every aquarium owner is happiest when the water is clear and healthy. A UV Clarifier clears algae and bacteria. They are ideal for preventing diseases that can affect aquarium inhabitants.