Precision temperature control

For aquarium inhabitants it is extremely important to have a uniform water temperature that is appropriate for the species, and that is consistent. The fewer the fluctuations the better. Temperature fluctuations means stress and a possibly life-threatening situation for fish and other aquarium inhabitants. Of the water temperature increases, the metabolic activity of the fish also increases considerably. The oxygen content of the water is also temperature-dependent. The warmer the water, the less oxygen it can absorb. Always consult with your local aquatics retailer considering the optimal living conditions of the aquarium fish you are considering.

Adjustable heaters are a good solution for reliably adjusting temperature fluctuations. A reliable thermometer and regular temperature checks are important for ensuring a healthy and consistent living environment for the aquarium inhabitants. 



  • Come in a range of heaters for 10-80 gallon aquariums

  • Compact heater provides uniform temperature levels and is designed for continuous use

  • Control system provides accurate readjustment of the temperature between 66°F - 90°F

  • Precise control system allows for accurate readjustment of the temperature within +/-6°F

  • Heating function is displayed via the activated control light

  • Includes a thermal shutoff switch for added protection

  • Easy to install with the use of the included holder with suction cups


Digital Thermometer

  • The Digital Thermometer can be bonded to the exterior of the aquarium for simple, no mess readings

  • Tested and proven for high measuring accuracy

  • Simple to read digital display