Aquarium Location

Location. Location. Location.

Location is an important factor aquarium setup.  It should be a placed in an area that can be easily observed, is in direct vicinity of electrical outlets, out of direct and continuous sunlight, and away from doorways, hallways, and air conditioning units and heaters. 

Placing your aquarium where is can be easily observed is important to making the most of your beautiful aquarium.  Aquariums bring a lot of life and delight to any indoor space. 

Make sure to place your aquarium near electrical outlets to easily connect and hide power cords out of sight.  If you find an ideal location and there are not outlets nearby, it might be beneficial to consider hiring an electrician to add an outlet in your ideal location.

Protecting your aquarium from direct or continuous sunlight is important to your water quality and visual experience as algae is more likely to grown in water exposed to sunlight.

Vibrations caused from closed doors, high foot traffic, and movement of the air conditioning units and heaters can cause agitation and stress for aquarium inhabitants.  Consider placing the aquarium along a longer wall to avoid these stressors.