Aquarium Pumps

Always in Motion - Optimal Water Circulation

Healthy animals and plants are essential for every aquarium and they offer the best prerequisite for full enjoyment of an aquatic habitat.  Good water quality and constant water movement ensures that your small aquatic habitat remains healthy and attractive. 

OASE's range of both inline and submersible aquarium pumps provide you with multiple options to maintain proper water movement for your fresh and marine water aquarium.  Aquarium pumps generate currents that allow aquatic animals and plants to thrive and prevent debris from accumulating.  Ideal for circulating water, aquarium pumps are a pivotal component in designing an ideal environment for your aquarium inhabitants.

TIP! The basis for selecting an aquarium pump is based on the desired flow rate and head height. In general, it is better to choose a more powerful pump than a less powerful one for your setup and use the flow control to adjust the water flow rate. 


OptiMax Pumps

OptiMax pumps are perfect for optimal water circulation in aquariums.  They are lightweight, compact, and operate quietly, making it simple to conceal them in any aquarium.  Low energy consumption continuously saves electricity.  All OptiMax aquarium pumps have an adjustable flow control.

OptiMax Compact OptiMax
85i 135i 250 285 560 800 1150 1420
Max. flow rate 85 gph 135 gph 250 gph 285 gph 560 gph 800 gph 1150 gph 1420 gph
Max. head height 1.8 ft. 2.8 ft. 3.3 ft. 4.6 ft. 8.2 ft. 11.5 ft. 10.5 ft. 9.5 ft.
Power consumption 4.5 watts 5 watts 8 watts 10 watts 31 watts 60 watts 72 watts 78 watts