Articles & Learning

Passion for living water and the environment drives OASE—serving as the foundation for each of our products.

OASE’s holistic approach integrates innovative German technology with modern, sustainable design. We create industry-leading products to enhance your landscape and honor the environment.

OASE is proud to share our library of articles with water enthusiasts, pond owners, water gardeners, nature lovers and environmental stewards. The articles and learning section is designed to inspire, inform and entertain—whether novice or expert.

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Choosing Products

Whether you are picking the perfect pump, calculating pond size or choosing a liner, OASE provides equations and shares tips and strategies to ease product selection. Incorporating a waterfall into your feature? Determine which pump to choose to achieve your desired look for sheet, subtle or robust flow style. Choosing proper products will ensure the pond reflects your creative vision and lasts for years to come. Look for products marked with the OASE Clear Water Guarantee. This promises visibility of the one-inch mark on a tape measure submerged up to 3 feet, providing insurance to customers against green water and maintenance time.

Seasonal Care

Spring, summer, fall and winter: Each season has its own characteristics, and thus the garden pond also requires appropriate care. We have put together several tips for seasonal cleaning and care to ensure enjoyment of your pond throughout the year, the wellbeing of the fish, and that the natural balance remains intact. Adjusting your maintenance with the change in seasons is an integral part of water gardening. OASE is here to help you navigate the year with ease!

Life In & Around the Pond

A well-designed pond adds beauty and a sense of style to any living space. In addition to that, colorful aquatic plants and graceful fish create a well-round and enjoyable environment. To keep your pond and its inhabitants healthy, it's important to understand their individual and conjoined needs. We've compiled a few articles to help you along your water gardening journey.

Pond Planning & Implementation

Preparing to build a pond on your property? Careful research ensures decisions on location, size and other factors create a foundation for a beautiful pond to be enjoyed for years to come. Many decisions are made during the planning phase—our library of articles answers common questions regarding sustainable design and inheriting a pond. Enjoy practical tips on incorporating stone and enhancing your ponds surroundings to showcase its new aqueous focal point.

Thank you for sharing our passion for living water—we will continue to update our library of articles with tips and strategies to enhance your experience of pond ownership.



Environmental sustainability serves as the guiding principle of OASE—product design, manufacturing and utilization are governed by strict eco-friendly standards. Our passion for designing innovative technology to protect and preserve the environment drives our company and is top-of-mind for our customers.  In our eco-friendly section, learn the latest on aquaponics, hydroponics and even organic pest control. Thank you for sharing our passion for living water—and joining us in our mission to protect and preserve the environment. Sustainable practices, eco-friendly products and environmentally conscious practices will preserve our earth for generations to come.

The green Eco-Leaf (pictured right) indicates our energy efficient products that are particularly easy on the environment, as well as on your wallet.

Backyard Living

Whether home to water garden, fish pond, elegant statuary or simple concrete patio, your backyard should reflect your vision and personal style. Optimal backyards are dynamic spaces, equally suited for parties of fifty or one, flexible enough to host lively games of croquet or quiet meals by candlelight.

OASE is committed to inspire and educate our customers on the journey to enhance their backyard space. Whether your backyard hasn’t yet made the to-do list or is already a work in progress, we are committed to offering eco-friendly tips, tricks and techniques to ease the process. Whether your backyard boasts room to roam—or simply room to read—we hope you will find inspiration and helpful tips.