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Tanner Serpa of SerpaDesign

Instagram: @serpadesign
YouTube: SerpaDesign
BIO: I am an artist, designer, photographer, nature lover and DIY fanatic. My passion is bringing nature indoors and sharing my projects/ideas with others.

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George Mavrakis from CoralFish12g

Instagram: @coralfish12g
BIO: Hi, I'm George! In every CoralFish12g video I do my best to bring you creative, informative, and fun reef aquarium videos! I started this adventure almost 10 years ago when I set up my first saltwater tank as a 5th grader. My mission is to inspire as many people as I can to join and enjoy the hobby. I specifically want to encourage a younger generation to join the hobby, because it has taught me and given me so many amazing opportunities as a kid and young adult.


Fiona Tu from Aquaria

Facebook: Aquaria
Instagram: @aquascaper_fiona & @aquaria_bellevue
BIO: Hi, I am Fiona, the owner of Aquaria. I studied aquascaping with the influence of Takashi Amano of Aqua Design Amano. I was an active participant, enthusiast in various activities, events related to aquascapes and aquariums. I want to spread the joy of the art with aquatic plants, hold wabi-kusa and aquascape workshops. I hope more people will enjoy this hobby.


Jimmy Gimbal & Lizzie Block

YouTube: Swhiskey
Instagram: @jimmygimbal & @lizzieblock26
BIO: Jimmy and Lizzie have both been enjoying the hobby for around 5-6 years, 1 year collectively. Jimmy, video & photo editor for Aquarium Co-Op, brings knowledge of aquatic animals while Lizzie, as an aquascaper, brings knowledge of plants - complementing each other perfectly.
FAVORITE PLANT: Pothos & Baby Tears

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Shawn McBride of The Aquascapers Collective

Facebook: Shawn Mac
Instagram: @glassgroveaquascaping
BIO: Shawn has been involved in aquascaping for the last eight years. During that time he was a moderator for a popular online forum, Aquascaping World. He cohosted The Aquascaping Podcast. He also was a cofounder of The Aquascapers Collective, a group of North American aquascapers focused on elevating North American aquascaping on the international stage through international competitions and improving the skill of the everyday aquascaper.
FAVORITE PLANT: Mini orchids of any kind


Cory Hopkins of The Aquascapers Collective

Facebook: Aquascaping by Cory Hopkins
Instagram: @coryhopkinsaquascaper
BIO: Keeping freshwater aquariums since a child I fell in love with the hobby at an early age. In 2015, I entered the AGA aquascaping competition and have competed in various live and international competitions every year since. In 2016 we debuted our aquascaping team "Team TAC" (The Aquascapers Collective) and winning first place at the Aquatic Experience show in Chicago, IL. In 2017 my aquascape "Almost Home" ranked #157 in IAPLC along with a Top 10 spot in the 2017 AGA competition. In 2018 my aquascape "Ryosha" ranked #156 in CIPS and #15 in the NSHC (Nordic Scapers Hardscape Competition) being my highest rankings on an international level. I enjoy using artistic qualities in biotope and botanical blackwater aquascapes. I currently work for Aquarium Design Group in Houston, TX helping customers with their aquascaping and aquarium needs, along with curating ADG's freshwater displays.
FAVORITE PLANT: Bromeliads, Orchids, and ferns of all kinds!


Hiep Hong of The Aquascapers Collective

Instagram: @HiepSTA
BIO: Hiep is a competitive aquascaper from Austin, TX. He has been scaping competitively since 2015 and has accumulated awards in both live and online contests from all over the world, the most notable achievement being his 4th place rank in the world in 2018’s IAPLC. He is the Current president of The Aquascapers Collective, a competition based aquascaping group focused on layout improvement in North America.
FAVORITE PLANT: all Jewel Orchid Sp.


John Pini of The Aquascapers Collective

Instagram: @johnpini_aquascaping
BIO: John Pini is a competitive aquascaper hailing from Libertyville, IL, USA. He has produced multiple winning ranked works in the worlds most challenging international aquascaping competitions and is a founding member of both The Aquascapers Collective and the Chicago Aquatic Plant Society. To see John's award winning aquatic gardens, follow him @johnpini_aquascaping on instagram.
FAVORITE PLANT: Epiphytes, such as Microsorum variants and Davallia fejeensis, mosses, and pitcher plants.


Jen Williams of JWD Aqua & Aquagirls

Facebook: JWD Aqua & Aquagirls Rock!
BIO: Like any good enthusiast, Jen started young. Her first aquarium, acquired at the age of seven, housed a humble mix of guppies, barbs, tetras, and cichlids. As an adult, she discovered the much bigger world of fishkeeping after a most fateful encounter introduced her to a former Army Lieutenant who opened her eyes to the world of local fish clubs and planted tanks. Currently she keeps and breeds an eclectic assortment of fish, and actively competes in aquascaping competitions both live and digital. Jen has served on the board of GWAPA for many years, in addition to serving as an AGA Board Member. As an aquascaper, Jen is one of the most decorated in US live events, and since 2008 has won multiple awards in these competitions at Aquafest, Aquamania, the Big Fish Deal, and The Aquatic Experience. She has also competed in the IAPLC with a highest international ranking of #224. Eager to grow the hobby in the US, Jen enjoys traveling to clubs nationwide to give presentations, aquascaping demos, inspiration, and encouragement to future ‘scapers.
FAVORITE PLANT: Dendrobium moniliforme

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Mike from AQUAPROS

Instagram: @diyaquapros
BIO: Hey I'm Mike and I make YouTube videos all about aquariums! I specialize in freshwater tanks with a focus on aquascaping. My goal is to teach new and old hobbyists how to create and maintain aquariums they can enjoy long term.
FAVORITE PLANT: Venus Fly Trap / Mosses




The Challenge: Plant a biOrb AIR terrarium, sight unseen.

Each contestant is an expert in the aquatics and/or plant hobby. They will not be shown the plant or hardscape materials beforehand, or be allowed to pre-select their materials. The materials are first come, first serve. Do they accept the challenge to showcase their skills under FUN pressure with their fans watching and cheering them on?

We’ll find out Saturday, September 28th @ 1:00pm

Help select the People’s Choice winner starting Saturday @ 3:00pm.

Voting ends Sunday, September 29th @ 3:00pm CT

Hosted & judged by George Farmer

Follow him on Instagram & YouTube