Creating a Peaceful Backyard Space

Outer Beauty & Inner Peace

Your backyard may not mimic the pastoral scenery in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice or resemble the rich Salinas River Valley in John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. Few do. But transforming your landscape into a more peaceful and relaxing space is absolutely within reach. Big city apartment, country farm, suburban 2-story house. It doesn’t matter where you call home. It can become a more tranquil version of itself. And it doesn’t need much.

Plants or trees, alone, can make a significant difference. Morning sunlight across tall plumes of Japanese grasses can be an inspiring welcome to the day. A conifer with stretched limbs, or a Japanese dwarf maple with lacey leaves, bathing in the sun, can demand relaxation from the most stressed. If ambition is aplenty, plant a small garden with lavender and roses—the aroma is sure to settle nerves. A hammock tied between two grand oak trees might just be the perfect invitation for a rest.

Or create a meditative garden. A stone path to a small Japanese garden can set the tone. Get ambitious with an enclosure—a movable screen or even a small teahouse where yoga can become part of your daily routine.

Water has long been a symbol of life. It’s reflective and textural nature reminds us of something bigger than ourselves. A water feature—whether pond or fountain or waterfall—can provide the sights and sounds which encourage a pause. Stock it with koi, a fish of vivid color that alone can bring a soothing feel. With a swish of their metallic tails, koi can hypnotize even the most ardent workaholic.

An OASE fountain pump will run quietly and efficiently and accessories offer an endless number of creative applications and implementations, serving any size water feature—a bubbling stone, a foam fountain, even a 3-tier spray. Water sprays can be simple, elaborate or subtle, and varied with the change of a nozzle.

Don’t think you have enough space? A statuary or decorative fountain, working with an OASE fountain pump, can easily fit on an apartment balcony, offering a respite to the sounds of street noise below.

With a bit more space and effort, a pond can serve as the centerpiece for an outdoor space built for relaxation, customized to fit any style or shape. OASE offers products for almost any space—fountains and fountain pumps, pond and waterfall pumps, lighting for both in and outside of water. These products are easily installed, efficient and durable.

Work. Errands. Lists. In the 21st century, life can become a cycle of must-do’s. To break from the hamster wheel create a new focus in your day, even for the briefest of moments. A place where you reset. A place where you think about nothing more than the most basic wonders of nature.