Design with Impact

The Beauty of Living Water

If you’ve been invigorated by a waterfall or pacified by a stream’s tranquil trickle, you understand the power of living water. You’ve admired its beauty as you’ve passed rippling ponds, rushing rivers and flowing fountains. Striking the balance between function and form, living water features embody perfection. Incorporating living water into your landscape will wow—Mother Nature’s miracle will mesmerize, soothe and delight admirers of all ages.

Whether your plot is expansive or small, a creative water feature will elevate your landscape’s beauty. Research first—consider a water feature a permanent addition to your landscape design. The size of your home, the size of your outdoor space—and its position within your design—will determine size. Smaller features scale visually with modest homes and landscapes, and larger features scale with grander spaces and homes with larger footprints. For compact spaces, such as patios and balconies, a flush-mounted wall fountain can provide visual impact and a delightful sensory experience.

Bold style adds the wow factor—whether your feature has modern, traditional or whimsical leanings. Consider the feel or “vibe” you would like your water feature to emit, and paint a picture with your mind’s eye. Explore the options—would a wall fountain, pond fountain or urn fountain work best? Choose a color and material to integrate with your landscape and home. Venture out of your comfort zone; resist the urge to mimic the latest neighborhood trend. Consider adding layers of flora and foliage to enhance impact by creating contrast. For pond installations, does the landscape lend itself to a waterfall, or would a central fountain be the best choice?

Once you have decided on a water feature, focus on maximizing impact.

Enhance a pond with a height adjustable fountain at its center, such as the Water Quintet, which allows spray to vary from 12-55 inches. At its lowest setting, it provides a subtle spray; at maximum setting, the spray adds drama to your space with a 55 inch plume of water. Spray height can be altered via remote control, which works from up to 250 feet away. Illuminated nozzles highlight the aqueous arches, accentuating the water’s movement.

Enhancing your water feature by incorporating colored lighting will amp up the drama and emit a custom, sophisticated vibe. Red, blue or green lighting can be incorporated to reflect the season for added pizzazz. Colorful accent lighting ensures your water feature will continue as the life of the party even after sundown.

Moving water creates maximum impact—providing a sensory experience for onlookers near and far. Sounds of falling water impart feelings of serenity and tranquility. Integrating living water into your landscape will enhance its beauty and aesthetic appeal. Whether your space calls for a small fountain or an expansive pond dotted with lily pads, incorporating a water feature will amaze and delight admirers of all ages.