Easy Pond Construction


Pond Zones

  1. Deep water zone: This is where the filter and waterfall pumps, or possibly pond drains are implemented.

  2. Marsh zone: Offers space for plants and microorganisms and makes an important contribution to nutrient reduction in the pond. It is approx. 12 to 16 in. deep and should be laid out as wide as possible.

  3. Moist zone: Ideal for lush embankment plants.

  4. Waterfalls & Stream (optional): When selecting the location for the waterfall, pay attention to different dam levels, dam depths, as well as the overflows that are as large as possible, so that additional movement and oxygen comes into the pond.


The movement of water through watercourses and waterfalls supplies the pond with necessary oxygen. The dirt you removed for the pond can be used to create and elevate a watercourse or waterfall.

Step-by-step with products from OASE

1. Location

The right location for the garden pond should be half shaded; 4 – 6 hours of sunlight per day is ideal.

2. Pond shape

First, mark out the pond outline with sand. The different deep zones are also marked with sand incrementally.

3. Determine the dimensions of liner and underlayment

Then use a cord to measure the necessary length of the underlayment and the pond liner.


4. Underlayment

After excavation, first clad the hole with underlayment, to protect against root and rock penetration.

5. Liner

Then carefully lay out the liner.

6. Planting on level areas

Lay out coconut mats for planting level areas. They provide an optimal opportunity for plants to take root.


7. Planting on steep areas

Steeper sections are planted using marginal plant holders. Use large rocks to first weigh the plant holders down so that you can insert the plants.

8. Pond technology

Carefully read the instructions for installing the OASE pond technology (pumps, filters, lights) and follow these instructions precisely.

9. Gravel and water

After the gravel, at last it is time to put water in the pond: first fill the pond halfway, then, after the liner has completely settled, fill the pond completely.


10. Edge area décor

The final step is to fill the edge area with rocks (pebbles or gravel, etc.) and to shape it as you desire.

11. Illumination

For atmospheric ambiance, in the evening hours we recommend considering the appropriate lighting from the outset.

That's it!

Show off your living water landscapes with pond technology from OASE.