Eco-Friendly Products & You

Little Changes, Big Impacts

Climate change has become a prevalent topic across the globe. As a result, consumers, like you, are more conscious about their carbon footprint. This mindset has driven companies and their product development teams to become more eco-friendly. Those who own a water feature can rest easy as OASE offers great options to help lower your energy requirements, benefiting the natural world and your wallet simultaneously.

Environmental awareness and efficiency are values at the epicenter of OASE’s innovations. Our eco-conscious products put the health of the pond at the forefront by offering powerful technology combined with sustainable outputs. Our powerful technology increases the overall efficiency of the nutrients in the pond habitat, providing a healthier ecosystem for people and wildlife to enjoy. The proper pond system can be an unstoppable force against pollutants, giving pond owners peace of mind.

When you use energy efficient products, you help the environment and enjoy the benefit of saving money. On average, the OASE AquaMax Eco Premium saves consumers up to 40% on their electricity bills when compared to our competitors. The Eco Premium is one of our most economical and effective products. The Eco-Leaf on our packaging indicates which products are particularly easy on the environment.

Pond owners are one step ahead in regards to benefitting the environment. Ponds are an easy source of drinking water, a habitat for an abundance of wildlife, and a place to collect rainwater in times of drought. To provide such amenities, we need to be able to guarantee clean, clear water – and we can! OASE systems are at the top of the water gardening industry, promising crystal clear water in your feature for you and Mother Nature’s beautiful creatures to enjoy.

Being eco-friendly in the 21st century isn’t always as easy as it seems. With OASE you can be confident that your pond will be “green” in the best way possible. From tangible savings to lending nature a helping hand, OASE has what you need to reduce your carbon footprint one water feature at a time.