Choosing Filtration & UVC


Flow-through Filters

Maximize your pond’s biological activity

A flow-through filter is fed water by the pump in the pond. The filter is the highest point in the cleaning cycle, located above the water level. From this point the cleaned water then flows back into the pond via gravity, which allows for maximum oxygenation. Special filter foams work to mechanically collect debris, as well as biologically clean the water. After a period of time, within these foams, several industrious microorganisms form and decompose of the excess nutrients in the water.

The advantage to using a flow-through filter is that because they stand above the water surface at the edge of the pond, they are easy to access.  Flow-through filters are ideal for medium-size and large ponds, or even for koi ponds. These flow-through filters are just another example of the innovative products offered by OASE so you can spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your pond.

Pressure Filters

Invisible helpers

Pressure filters are compact filters that can perform several tasks at the same time. First, the water is conveyed from the filter pump into the pressure filter, where the different filter media ensure cleaning of the water. Green water is then effectively cleaned through the integrated UV Clarifier. As opposed to flow-through filters, pressure filters maintain the pump's pressure throughout the entire filter, which allows the filter to supply enough water to run a waterfall.

Pressure filters can be buried in the ground, even below the water level, and remain almost invisible. Another particular advantage of pressure filters in this regard is the convenient cleaning and maintenance of the filter from outside - it is not necessary to open the cover. Compact and effective with the proven OASE Clear Water Guarantee! For pressure filters, look at our FiltoClear and BioPress Series.

UV Clarifiers

A clear view into your pond

Every pond owner is happiest when the water is clear and healthy in their feature, but what happens when the suspended algae or other particles turn the water green and lessen the enjoyment of the pond? Good news, this can be overcome by integrating a UV Clarifier into your current pond system - ideally in combination with your filter.

The UV light cleans the green out of the water. If the water is then routed through a filter then any residue or debris that remains will be captured into the filter's foams. The result is that the pond water exiting the filter will be clean and clear.

TIP! The UVC bulbs should be changed at regular intervals (ideally in spring before the season starts), to guarantee the full capacity of the UVC output.