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 Fountains & Fountain Pumps

Water in its most beautiful form

Whether it is a bubbling stone or a dynamic jet water spray, moving water fascinates everyone. There are multiple ways to enhance your garden with a water feature using our fountain pumps. OASE fountains and fountain pumps help to create a spatial ambiance everyone can enjoy in their garden and home.

With our diverse line of fountains and fountain pumps, you are guaranteed to find the right fountain effect for your water feature. Our fountain pumps run quietly and efficiently, never getting in the way of creating a peaceful and therapeutic atmosphere for your outdoor living space. 

Our fountain pump's functions and accessories allow a great variety of creative applications and implementations in your garden. A bubbling stone, a foam fountain, and a three-tier water spray are just a few ways to incorporate a modern design aesthetic to your water feature. 

Our Water Entertainment products are a special enhancement for your garden. With the Plug'n Spray principle, installation is quick so that there is more time for enjoyment.