Articles & Learning

Passion for living water and the environment drives OASE—serving as the foundation for each of our products.

OASE’s holistic approach integrates innovative German technology with modern, sustainable design. We create industry-leading products to enhance your aquarium and honor the environment.

The articles and learning section is designed to inspire, inform and entertain—whether novice or expert. Ideally professional literature and expert advice will guide you in your knowledge of your specific aquarium's needs.

Aquarium Setup

Careful research on location, size, fish and other factors ensure you create a beautiful aquarium to be enjoyed for years to come. Many decisions are made during the planning phase—our articles answers common questions regarding the basics to starting your own aquatic world.

Aquarium Equipment

Aquarium equipment is needed to maintain the ecological balance in the aquarium. The equipment required varies from aquarium to aquarium, but in any aquarium setup you will find a filter and heater. You should choose your equipment based on water type, quantities of fish, and the number of plants used.

Aquarium Maintenance

Regular care is important for a healthy aquarium and maintain a balanced environment for aquarium inhabitants.  Here are our tips for maintaining a pristine aquarium.