Party with Pizzazz

Highlighting Nature’s Beauty

Something magical is slowly revealed during a summer evening, as it pours itself into night. Emerging fireflies and the power of a full moon cut through blackness. Night’s mysterious qualities have been the subject of philosophers, poets and artists. Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh captured its illustrious power in The Starry Night. His use of light and color and texture has made the masterpiece one of Van Gogh’s most brilliant. No matter how beautiful, a still image lacks one of night’s most powerful and evocative elements—movement—as natural forces interact in a play of power.

Summer nights are meant for long drawn-out cocktail parties and sultry romantic dinners. Casual neighborhood barbeques continue long after the sun dips beyond the horizon. Night serves as the ideal backdrop for small gatherings and large celebrations. Shifting light and shadow paired with the fluidity of water delivers drama like nothing else.

Planning an outdoor celebration around a pond or water feature, surrounded by soft greenery and robust stone, will serve as the grand focal point to any party. Draped in drama, a pond dotted with floating lights reflect a world within another. OASE LunaLED Mini Lights can be used on land or submerged in water for greater impact. These six compact lights are easily integrated into any size pond or garden, so switch it up to avoid predictability.

With OASE LunaLED Pond and Landscape Light Sets, options range from a warm white light for more traditional occasions, or recognize a mood shift with colors of green, blue, red and yellow. Lights function whether submerged in a pond or positioned on dry land, so customize your party as desired.

LunAqua 3 Halogen or LunAqua 3 LED highlight the curves and contours of rocks and foliage and moving water, including a fountain or waterfall. Uplight the architecture of your home or reveal a school of koi cutting through the water.

To add an extra splash to your pond, the OASE PondJet with the PondJet Illumination Set work in unison to ensure the water spray is highlighted as your landscapes focal point.

Combine movement and lighting with OASE Water Trio, Water Quintet or Water Jet Lightning. An OASE Water Entertainment product can escalate a typical function to a party game-changer.

Most love a good party, but not everybody can throw one. Certainly considered a skill, if not an art, planning a good celebration is part mindset, part theatre. Each element is a reflection of tone and style, formality and ambiance. All must work together for a party that guests consider a can’t miss. Ensure success by throwing an outdoor party around a landscaped pond and garden, strategically lit to accentuate the beauty of nature.