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Pond & Waterfall Pumps

Intelligent, energy-saving technology

Waterfalls are more than just elegant additions to a pond or water garden. They also provide many advantages in aeration that enhance the health and stability of the pond's ecosystem. OASE offers an array of energy efficient pond and waterfall pumps that equip you with technology to create your dream water feature.

Water gardens are ideal habitats require sufficient oxygen levels to support aquatic life. Our pond and waterfall pumps are designed to facilitate the presence of a beautiful waterfall and to keep the water in your pond moving so that optimal oxygen levels are maintained.

Additionally, our pond and waterfall pumps work with our filters to support the health of your pond's ecosystem. Our energy-efficient pond and waterfall pumps not only reliably circulate water, they provide outstanding energy balance with extremely low energy consumption, making these powerhouses particularly economical.

Moving Water

Choosing the right pond or waterfall pump is extremely important to having a healthy, beautiful water garden. The most important key to having clean pond water is to have constant movement and aeration. Stagnant water will allow unwanted algae and mosquitoes to reproduce on the surface of the water. Not enough aeration can lead to low levels of oxygen in the water and that can be harmful to fish and other aquatic life. Also, if your pond or waterfall pump is too small or not strong enough, it may not be able to move enough water fast enough to keep it healthy.

Choosing the right pump for pond applications: We recommend circulating the water in the pond at least one time per hour.

How to determine the volume of water in your pond (measure in feet):

  • Circular ponds: Diameter x Diameter x Depth x 5.9 = Total Gallons of Water 

  • Rectangular ponds: Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons of Water 

Determine flow rate for a waterfall: 

  • For a “Sheet” look, you need 100 gallons per hour for every 1 in. of the weir’s width.

  • For a "Trickle" look, you need 50 gallons per hour for every 1 in. of the weir’s width.

  • For a "Niagara" look, you need 200 gallons per hour for every 1 in. of the weir’s width.

Be sure to check the pump's specifications for the ideal pumping height of your pump at the head of your waterfall. Keep in mind excessive bend or in-line filters will reduce the flow.