Pondless Water Features

A beautiful addition to your outdoor space

Proximity to living water—whether a delicate trickle or a momentous waterfall—relaxes shoulders, attunes senses and revitalizes spirits. Living water inspires awe—a reminder of life beyond laptops and cell phones and to-do lists. A harbinger of hope and renewal, the desire to see living water inspires weekend trips, long vacations and second homes. Water is shapeless, timeless and utterly predictable—and serves as the omnipresent reminder to take the path of least resistance.

Imagine the experience—living water in your own outdoor space.

If installing and maintaining a pond sounds arduous, consider a pondless water feature.

Bubbling stones and statuary fountains—pondless water features are tailor made for homeowners who are passionate about living water but prefer a lower-maintenance option. Pondless options are also well-suited for homes with young children—they eliminate the worry and potential dangers caused by open water.

Adorning your yard with an aqueous work of art takes some planning. Water features in any form create a focal point, so ensure ideal placement. Define its purpose—will it greet visitors and passersby or serve as the piece de resistance of your go-to space for relaxing? Grand entrances adorned with water features create dramatic impact, but their position can make their effect fleeting. Smaller pondless water features can be placed closer to the house itself and add tranquility and ambiance to outdoor seating areas.

Many pondless water features are small-space friendly; a beautiful way to accentuate a landscaped garden bed. Pondless waterfalls are an antidote for slope issues—awkward, steep slopes can be transformed into a magnificent, pondless waterfall. Weatherization for pondless water features is minimal—water features sans ponds and fish can easily be powered on or off.

Juxtapose your pondless water feature with bright blooms and a variety of textural foliage—contrasting colors and textures bolster visual interest. Potted plants work to enhance water features surrounded by non-plantable surfaces. To amp up the ambience for a holiday, special event or occasion, illuminate your pondless water feature with colored lighting. Spotlights cast vibrant colors to accentuate your theme or landscape.  

Water features beckon habitues in search of nurturance—you will enjoy the tranquil view of birds dropping in for a quick dip. And because the water is moving, mosquito larvae doesn’t stand a chance.

If your yard lacks a winding stream or a reflective pond—consider experiencing living water through a pondless water feature—a trickling fountain or a bubbling stones or a pondless water feature. Living water in your landscape does more than enhance its beauty; it appeals to the senses of onlookers, imparting renewal and rejuvenation for all.