Save or Spend?

How Smart Consumers Solve the Quality Conundrum

You plunk down in the Adirondack and place your coffee cup carefully on its generous arm, poised to enjoy nature’s artistry before today’s to-do list becomes your master. Then you notice. Ugh. Something isn’t quite right with your go-to morning spot. The serene sound of trickling water that restores your glow has been reduced to a whisper. You cringe—knowing this fix will require a mix of elbow grease, time and know-how.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. A familiar phrase that accompanies buyer’s remorse—an utterance suggesting you should have opened your wallet and paid a bit more for a better product. But how do you justify spending more on products that essentially serve the same function?

Lean in. It’s all about quality—and the manufacturer’s willingness to stand behind their products.

Smart buyers start with a pre-purchase ritual long before they get to the cash register (or the checkout page). They create a simple mental matrix—weighing upfront cost vs. long-term investment, total replacement cost and carbon footprint.

Product quality is always the deciding factor.

Service life—the mechanical equivalent of shelf-life—is also considered.

Does the manufacturer stand behind its products, offering guaranteed performance and post-purchase customer service? Does the company stay on the cusp of innovation, regularly testing and refining products based on new findings? If these beget a head nod, chances are you’re onto something worthwhile.

Smart consumers examine the values that drive manufacturers and consider corporate responsibility in buying decisions. They make wise investments—and are not preoccupied with upfront cost.

And nature enthusiasts top the list of smart consumers.

Our love of nature catalyzes our desire to preserve it—so carbon footprint weighs heavy on buying decisions. Smart consumers know products with short service lives get dumped in landfills. They research, peruse reviews and consult neighbors, friends and fellow shoppers to ensure they can feel good about their spending decisions.

Quality is everything to smart consumers. And guarantees: a must for significant purchases. OASE’s quality guarantee ensures you are a customer long after the cash register rings. OASE is committed to service—listening, guiding and consulting.

Good companies make products that function well and last long—and stand behind them willingly if they don’t. The long-term benefits of investing in quality products are plentiful—and worthy of paying more up front.

Products marked with our Clear Water Guarantee ensure clear and healthy pond water and minimal maintenance. All OASE products have a limited warranty to cover material and production defects or failure of the product to operate as specified.

OASE confidently stands behind our products, and we are proud to supply smart consumers who consider maintenance costs, total cost of ownership and environmental responsibility. We are committed to building quality, environmentally responsible products that please consumers.

Because every time you plunk down in your Adirondack with your cup of morning coffee, you deserve exceptional.