Setup & Maintenance Guides

If you have decided to purchase and care for an aquarium, then above all this means taking care of the animals and plants that will inhabit your aquarium.  It is important grow in your knowledge of aquarium care and the inhabitants specific needs.  We have put together some general information to get you started on your journey as an aquarium owner.  Ideally professional literature and expert advice will guide you in your knowledge of your specific aquarium's needs.

Aquarium Setup

Now that you have decided to own an aquarium here are a few tips to help you find the best aquarium for you and some pitfalls to avoid. 

Aquarium Equipment

Aquarium equipment is needed to maintain the ecological balance in the aquarium.  The support system required varies from aquarium to aquarium based on water type, quantities of fish, and the number of plants used.  In any variety of aquarium setup, you will typically find a filter and pump. 

Aquarium Maintenance

Regular care is important for a healthy aquarium and maintain a balanced environment for aquarium inhabitants.  Here are our tips for maintaining a pristine aquarium.


Your aquarium is now ready, it looks beautiful and offers you real satisfaction.  Now the next vacation is planned and you ask yourself, "What do I need to be aware of?". We will give you a few tips of how you can spend time away without worrying about your underwater paradise.