Sprucing up your Water Feature

Lights — Water — Plants

Sometimes we need change. Predictability, after all, is the enemy of innovation.

With our home, our job—even ourselves. Life gets in the way. Many things once new and fresh become stale—and a bit of sprucing up is called for.

Our landscape is no different. Sometimes our water feature, as our landscape’s focus, needs more than a bit of attention. It deserves an investment of time.

So how to spruce up your water feature?

Bring the drama.

Landscape Lighting and the night sky merge in a theatrical show of light. The mood shifts with the evening shade and the push of a button.

OASE lighting options promise high-impact sophistication with a wide range of applications. The front yard of a brick house in a cozy suburb can quickly become home to a grand gesture from a single spotlight or a well-placed LED. It doesn’t take much. Falling water or a still pond is the perfect focus for carefully angled lighting.

OASE Water entertainment products—Water TrioWater Quintet and Water Jet Lightning—can transform a water feature from a still life to a live art display—no pond necessary.

The Water Trio demands attention with three linear fountains of varying jet heights. Eco-friendly LED lighting provides an instant party atmosphere—perfect for an outdoor wedding, Friday night happy hour or neighborhood barbecue. The Water Quintet pumps up the volume with fountains of varying heights and lighting. Its Plug’n Spray feature allows for immediate use. Get colorful with Water Jet Lightning. Water sprays of varying lengths and heights are illuminated in red, green or blue. Operated via remote control with pre-programmed effects guarantees an immediate wow-factor.

Go green with plants. Opposites attract as blooming arches and textured ground cover co-mingle amongst pond life. Marginal and deep water emergent plants like Water Lilies, Lotus and Irises provide beauty and color. To improve your pond’s water clarity, add floating plants to the mix. Submerged plants will remove harmful nitrites, add needed oxygen and help keep your pond looking clean and clear. A small water feature can easily be improved with greenery like Creeping Jenny, native grasses or Anacharis.

Most who have integrated a water feature in their landscape already recognize what it brings. It’s the envy of passersby, a differentiator for your landscape and the centerpiece of your outdoor space. But when it requires a bit of sprucing up, look at strategic lighting, a water entertainment product and luscious landscaping to achieve the desired result.