Style Over Space

Make it your Own

City Calm

City dwellers race in and out of concrete boxes shaped by metal and glass, imbued with neutral tones, pops of neon and the most desperate slivers of green. To the unapologetic urbanite, happy to never cut grass or plant a tree, getting creative with outside space is a must.

A city balcony may lack green grass or striking flowers, and very little legroom, but it doesn’t have to be a yawner. A space that boasts a view of the city, twinkling lights and a velvet sky may not always welcome the sweet sounds of traffic. An OASE statuary fountain can offer a soothing meditative quality to a space that badly needs it. An OASE decorative fountain can create an atmosphere with a single flip of a switch. Cozy get together? Yes. Date night? For sure. Yoga for one? Absolutely.

Suburban Character

The patchwork homes of suburbia, a sort of Candy Land come to life, boast well-manicured postage stamp lawns that yearn for a bit of chaos. Texture and movement demand inclusion.

Homes nestled amongst lookalikes call for character, yearning for difference. A bit of water drama, even without the benefit of a pond or lake, is possible with OASE’s Water Quintet. With five fountains of varying heights and light intensities, neighbors will be drawn to your house like a moth to flame.

Country Drama

The swelling hills of a country farm boast a mix of wildness and restraint with the luxury of space. Lush grasses and tall oak trees provide the scenery to a landscape that could be more.

With the gift of space, drama is in demand. Green grass and blue sky are the perfect backdrop for a majestic lake or pond. The interplay between water, and the life it attracts, is live theatre. But dare to turn the volume up...and the entire landscape comes to life.

With OASE’s Floating Fountain with Lights, prepare to be dazzled. As a fixed focal point to welcome the family from the hustle and bustle of a hard day, little else is required. Or reserve it for special occasions—a Sunday barbecue or family reunion. Even a backyard wedding. With a water display that can reach 14 feet in height and 20 feet in width, this just might upstage the bride.

A home is a reflection of those that enter its doors and roam its halls. But it is the landscape—the outdoor space—that serves as a blank canvas yearning for an artistic touch. Experiment, create, develop. Nature, as art, will gladly add the final touch.

Even if your green thumb has turned brown, your landscape can be fabulous—no matter how generous or thrifty. Opportunities aren’t always about a tightly clipped hedge or the proverbial white picket fence. It is about making it your own—an outside space that reflects your style and character.