For a Nuisance-Free Summer

Summer is a beautiful time of year. Like every other season, it comes with new adventures and ultimately, new challenges. Family spends more time outdoors, pond inhabitants become more active, and the sun’s rays reach as far as the eye can see. A whirlwind of color and life is brought back into your entire yard. This heightened activity often affects the water features in your yard if you’re not prepared. Take on algae and mosquitoes with the proper equipment so you and your entire family can continue to enjoy your yard all season long.

Keep Algae at Bay

Summer brings heat with lots of sunshine and this means one thing: algae. Algae blooms are not completely avoidable but can be minimized. The largest influences on algae growth are over-fertilization, feeding fish, and fish excreta. All three lead to decreased oxygen levels, which cause pond inhabitants to suffer. So, how can oxygen levels be regulated and algae blooms avoided?

Adequate Aeration

When temperatures get high, dissolved oxygen levels decrease. Air injection in the form of waterfalls, fountains, or aerators can help cool ponds and raise oxygen levels.  The beneficial bacteria in your pond and filter will also do their job better in an oxygen-rich environment. The AquaOxy and OxyTex system offers an optimal supply of oxygen while simultaneously increasing water circulation.

Water Circulation

The most important key to having clean pond water is to have constant movement and aeration. Stagnant water will allow unwanted algae and mosquitoes to reproduce on the surface of the water. If your pond or waterfall pump is too small or not strong enough, it may not be able to move enough water fast enough to keep it healthy. When choosing the right pump for pond applications we recommend circulating the water in the pond at least one time per hour.

How to determine the volume of water in your pond (measure in feet):

Circular ponds: Diameter x Diameter x Depth x 5.9 = Total Gallons of Water 

Rectangular ponds: Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons of Water 

UV Clarification

OASE UV Clarifiers are EPA-registered units with the ability to rid your pond of green water and kill algae. Ideally combined with a filter, the UV light cleans the water and routes it through a filter ridding it of residue or debris. The result is clean, clear water in your pond.

Surface Skimmers

A skimmer filter captures floating debris before it can get to your other filtration devices. Keeping your skimmer filter properly maintained and free of debris means less bio-load and more efficiency - for all your filtration.


With the help of an OASE pond filtration system, you can be assured that your pond will remain in pristine condition, even under heavy biological load. Choose your system based on pond size and fish load; the surest way to achieve clear water is by selecting products that are part of the OASE Clear Water Guarantee (CWG). A CWG system is combination of pump, filter, and UV clarifier that when used properly in conjunction will guarantee clear water and minimal maintenance.


The new AquaActiv Pond Blue blocks harmful UV rays that can create algae blooms in your pond. It also helps keep fish hidden and protected from predators. 

If you prefer a more natural solution, Water Lilies, Anacharis, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, and Water Primrose will help provide shade to keep water cooler. Water Lilies prefer still water, while Water Hyacinth can handle moving water.

Keep Mosquitoes Away

Don’t let flying pests prevent you from enjoying your backyard and pond. The best way to keep mosquitoes under control is to eliminate their habitat and breeding area. This means decreasing the amount of standing water, which can include puddles, birdbaths, fountains, and ponds. Use a stiff broom to disperse puddle water and move birdbaths to an area where people don’t usually congregate but remains visible for your enjoyment. The solution for fountains and ponds is a pump. A pump’s main job is to circulate your water at least one time an hour. Moving, agitated water is the best opponent for mosquitoes.

Water Temperature vs. Air Temperature

Water takes a long time to heat or cool compared to the air. This is why it is important for pond owners to go by the water temperature and not air temperature when it comes to caring for your pond. Water temperature is the determinant for seasonal preparation as well as feeding schedules for your fish or koi.